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  • Well I woke up this morning thinking about the various turns my life's path has taken, truthfully I didn't sleep very well and it was pretty much on my mind all night. I find myself a bit lost. I've always been the person people turned to in times of need. Over the last few years for what felt like the first time in my life I found myself needing the help of others. Man talk about an awakening. We surely do figure out fast who are true friends are when life puts you into a tail spin and you are the one in need of assistance. Suffice it to say, it's pretty lonely.

    Anyway, in reviewing my life I took note of my own mistakes, things I did that altered my course, people I befriended that affected my life and not always in a positive way. I pretty much realized that for the last 25 years I've been living a life that isn't or wasn't my own path. I suppose I'm in a period of reflection. What I don't know is where my path will lead me next?

    I need a job, a car and eventually a place to call my own. Right now I don't know where any of that is coming from or just how to attract it and the means by which to attain it all in time. I'd welcome your guidance and insight if you have any to share. Just what lies ahead for me? What steps must I take to make it all come to fruition, in time? Obviously I now have sort of a deadline looming over me perhaps you'll pick up on that too.

    On a side note I wonder if you could tell me if I have any one with me regularly? (Spirit, Angel, Lost Loved Ones or pets...)

  • first all star of by saying that of course you have spiritual guidance with are aware of what they are too. stop. sit quietely in your sacred space. listen to whats going on inside you and trust on your self. take a piece of paper and draw on it a large circle. write down the things that you wouls like to obtain inside of the circle draw a symbold that represents you. a symbol that you are in tune with inside that circle. placing yourself sybolically inside that circle with those things. keep this paper with you. look upon it and read aloud those things....


    I will it that i am succesfull in findind a respectable job.(note: its okay to be alittle specific on these things, just not unrealistic details)

    I want to obtain a working vehicle.


    I would start with three to five things. read them outloud to yourseld every morning, noon, and night. they are called affirmations. and you are asking the world to gift you with these things.

    do you still use? im not being presumtious. my spirit guide is just sharing with me about that. its okay you are not alone.

    when you cant sleep at night write! write about all of the things going on in your head. do not fight this . just let it flow. do not try to be correct or smart, not perfectionism here, just write exactly how it comes out is fine. it does not matter if it is even legible. it is the language from your soul. just write it all and when your done read your affirmations page. say a prayer of grace and thanks to your higher powers( whomever they are, whatever you call them)

    and you will find yourself more at peace.

    try to write at night before you lay down at night. say a prayer of letting go( the words should alway be entirely your own) write it all out then be at peace in your own skin. it will get easier wiht time, and the more you do these things the more gentle you will be with yourself.

    if you are struggling simply start a new topic adressed to Ranita, and the spirits will tell me to find it.


  • Ranita,

    Thank you for your response.I will try the affirmations circle you described, it surely can't hurt. Another friend told me I should try a dream board some kind of poster with things you want to achieve or that are important to you on it. I like the idea of being specific; It certainly can't hurt to make those points known I suppose.

    You got the writing part down pat. I must admit I don't often have difficulty sleeping. When I go to lie down I'm usually out in fairly short time. But I have and do write when my feelings get the better of me. Writing is always something that comes easily to me and I very much consider a gift from God.

    I am perplexed though that you asked "do you still use?" No I don't now nor have I ever. You could say I'm the poster girl for never having crossed that line. Not a drinker or drug user in anyway, unless you are thinking of allergy medicine and soda.

    If you have any other insights or more details of those around me I'd appreciate hearing more.

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