A Red Envelope Hunt for Coins ...starts today !

  • I can't find it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Strange. The clue wasn't that difficult this time.

    Mestiza. Tabs - horoscope then compatibility then sibling compatibility and then search the page.

  • Does the last envelope carry coins or Hexagrams? I wonder if I-Ching will give you an answer to that.

    Happy Hunting.

  • Thank You Flowsco , for todays clue . It took me few minutes to find it . I guess one has to figure out the key words within the clues .The first coffee help too :O)

    Have a great day !


  • Your welcome Doves. Thanks for putting up the thread.

    I love doing riddles if I can have a go at it.

    It's fun to help each other out finding these coins. Till next time and have a great day as well.


  • I cant find it , did I ching and coins and hexagrams. ??

  • Fantastic tip Flowsco. Thanks to everyone!! Great thread Doves46. I had alot of fun on this one.Good luck on the hunt . Hope you all have a GREAT day!

    Blessings and light,


  • poetic555 go to about i-ching under i-ching and then what is i-ching and then find your way to browse hexagrams. It's the page showing all the different hexagrams. good luck.

  • Your Very Welcome Flowsco and Thank you Pinkkitten .:O)

    I am having fun as well . Funny thing is I didn't even know the Hunt was on again , until I stumbled upon it just by chance . I actually thought I might get a Free Reading , when I click on the Red Bag that is posted on the Tarot.com home page lol . Then I thought .., well this is still a good thing , because I have been trying to get enuff coins collected to get a Edgar Casey Past life Reading . So all is still good .. I am getting there :O)

    Have A great day as well !


  • Thanks Confused Scorpion!

  • thanks for the tips friends !

  • Thank you all for the hints!!! : )

    (((((((( HUGS))))))))

  • Yes , thank you very everyone ! I look forward to the next hunt !:O)

    Take care and God Bless ^A^


    (and your welcome LeoScorpian) ) on your earlier comment on the tread ) sorry for the lateness on my reply to that .:O)

  • no biggie Doves

    I supposed to put names on it too LOL

    but I'm really thankful I like to have fun now and then

  • has anyone found the red envelope today. having trouble. been all over today please,please

  • Hey pbcup. The hunt ended monday (22-2-2010) so I am afraid that you are late.

    These themes and hunts come up on a regular basis so I think you got to keep a look out for the next time.

    Sorry...until next hunt.

  • Hey pbcup and Flowsco, I thought the notice said it ran through today as well. I never found any at all 😞 just wasnt going to be my game I suppose. Even the hints wouldnt come through till the following day. Oh well maybe next time. I love the clues people give.

  • Lunafish

    The hunt is mostly very short. 4 days tops. I can't remember one running more days. The time it runs depends on the event that site is celebrating. This time was the Chinese New Years. But since it was on the same date a Valentine they held it last weekend. Which started the friday and ended monday.

    For Valentine we had a Cupid hunt which was also short. And before that we were hunting for fairies. So it all depends.

    Yeah I enjoy making clues. Not always easy to do but fun.

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