A Red Envelope Hunt for Coins ...starts today !

  • Lets help each other out ..! Happy Hunting Everyone :O)


  • The red envelope is hiding on the tarot deck page. Happy hunting!

  • tHANKS!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Awesome ! Thank you Pinkkitten :O)

    God Bless You ^A^


  • Ah haaaaaa..!I found that lovely Red Bag , I think will carry it around with me today for even more luck !


  • I'm glad that I could help today. Hope to see you all on the forum tomorrow so that we can help each other.

    Blessings and Light to all.


  • Thank you for your assistance. I have great difficulty finding these on my own.

  • Thanks Doves & Pinkkitten I nearly missed this one.

  • thank you for posting hint and the thread šŸ™‚

  • Hmmm,....this seems SO....dare I use the word COMMERCIALISED!!!....please forgive me if I'm wrong!!!!....sorry everyone!!, but this sort of thing just...I just have to say, sticks in my CRAW....I just thought we were all HERE to HELP each other...looks like I'm more vulnerable than I thought!!....not to collect ....RED ENVELOPES?????? what on earth is this...?? ....

    back to drawing board for me....

  • Thanks for the help. I found the red envelope. I really can't afford to "buy" many karma coins, so it is always nice when we get the chance to get a few free ones. I have an adopted granddaughter that came from China, so we always celebrate the Chinese New Year some way.

  • Today the beautiful red envelope has Cosmic Gifts Guiding us with good Karma. Happy Hunting.

  • Thank you Flowsco, I don't have lots of time to look, so your help was invaluable. Good karma to all.

  • Your welcome chocaholic. Love your name...;)

  • I feel I must reply to Hopeternal and say that I've come on this site a few times and was reduced to tears reading the forums..... The people asking for help for heartbreaking reasons sometimes and the replies and help that are always swiftly and lovingly given. I myself am one of those who do not have a psychic gift, but I hope I help by including these troubled souls in my prayers and thoughts. The fabulous hunts for karma coins that they regularly include for everyone is a bit of fun for some, but a way of getting a special reading or report for others(that otherwise couldn't afford them) and even on these, the friendship of strangers shows through in the forums and blogs! Have another look Hopeternal, I hope you see what I see. Love and blessings šŸ™‚

  • Flowsco, It's more than a name lol, It's a way of life!

  • I Really want to apologise for my dreadful post on this......I know I have no excuse,I should have looked into what it really was before commenting, but I misunderstood what these red envelopes are, .... thank you for telling me the reason for these envelopes chocaholic, I'm quite new to this forum and thought it was spam, or someone playing a joke on people on here....I too find it heartbreaking the things people go through, I really didn't intend upsetting anyone...

    once again, please accept my apology.

    love and joy


  • Thank you Flowsco ,... For todays hint !:O) and now worries Hopeternal for the misunderstanding . I think you will find that we are all pretty understanding here . I have only been on the Forum for a few months now as well, and it takes a bit to know your way around and figure out what's things are all about . Welcome to the Forum and Happy Hunting !:O)

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Good day to all. Can you be more specific with the clue? I just can't seem to find the envelope today.



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