I need Some insight

  • I keep seeing a ghost/spirit of a woman near me, it startles me from time to time, it pleasent not scarey she smiles and leave, the i smell like roses. Then I start having vision like watching a movie, i dont know what it means.

  • who is she? you are very gifted if you can SEE visually. you also posess the gift of smell .olfactory i think its called. the visions are what she is sharing with you. it is possible that she is sharing with you about her memory. is there anyone in the room with you when she visits? or a particular person you have been thinking about? perhaps your mother or gran or greatgrand mother. she is of female lineage on one of your families sides. something suggests to me your fathers side. his mother/grandmother. if you didnt know her you could ask him if she liked roses? if she liked going to the movies. double check on your mothers side as well. the signifigance is the connection. she is connected to you in a way that she may have not been connected to that someone else in your family.


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