Can anyone tell me about these cards?

  • Tower for the situation..... what was on my mind is to get money to move....where it comes from

    Roi of wands for challange

    Two of coins for advice

    Sun is the lesson

    Moon is future

    I was born july 10th 1953 if that shows any idea

    I am getting confused to what i see and feel

  • i am a medium and read tarot proff n youre all wrong/ the tower is always major change/ a sudden happening or event that comes out of the blue/sudden shock or catastrophe from any area. can mean accident/ etc or a shock within your relationship its almost always bad news and a card that strips away any illusions you may have/ as the cards depicts everything crumbles and is rebuilt again from scratch/ the moon is a card of deception. secrets being kept things hidden from you. or yourself deluding yourself over something. or some 1 or their intentions can also mean danger you cant see. and or hidden enemies not many good things about the moon card. can also mean that if an illness is being investigated. that something is hidden. that hasnt come to light yet but it will after some delay/ 2 coins that means change.change of residence maybe. but changers are always looming if you get that card usually good changes/and the sun is1 of the most beautiful and hopeful cards in the deck it promises happiness within a relationship/ a good outcome if going through rough patch/ if career its promises success/ if health it means recovery/ can mean marraige / and 1 thing but only rarely. it can indicate a sudden death/ as a rule its always a positive lovely card hope thats helped lnl mystique x

  • The tower can also mean that u are lettig go of old way of thinking or do things that no longer serve you.

  • I don't no ? Wands ur talking about? 2 of coins is mabey saying get to 2 jobs & ballence ur finances and ur ship will soon come in. Sun is sucsses and yes card . Moon is it will be a emothional ride! Hope that helps

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