Confused... sagi girl falling for cancer boy

  • ok so I have a really long story..... I am currently separated from my sagi boy that I have been with since high school (13 years)..... we are eachother's first and only..... we have 2 beautiful baby boys...... but things have been falling apart.... hence the separation...... actually they have been falling apart for the last 7 years...... but up until a year ago I was willing to keep working on it..... I have come to my breaking point and have moved out...... I am happy being out and away from his controlling ways.......

    ok on to my cancer boy 🙂 the cancer boy is actually a friend of my sagi boy...... well ever since the first time that I met the cancer boy, i have been attracted to him... not just sexually but emotionally as well..... and it seemed as though he was into me as well..... over the last 3 years the cancer boy and I have gotten to know eachother better as friends only.... both of us would never cross the line......... we are just friends.... but now that i am separated I would love to see if a relationship is even a possibility between myself and the cancer boy...... we have soooo much fun together.... I feel so at ease in his presence..... I have told him how i feel about him and told him that I would never start a relationship until both of us were single.... and he feels the same way...... I know he has feelings about me but he has never actually come out and said it......

    just before I separated.... my sagi boy became suspicious of my relationship with the cancer boy...... my sagi boy ended up calling cancer boy and asking if there was anything going on between me and cancer boy...... ever since that call my cancer boy has been very distant...... I have never done anything to cross the line with cancer boy....... my sagi boy has always been insecure and automatically assumes that if I talk to a guy that I am automatically into the guy and want to get in his pants (i have never cheated on him) over the 13 years together, there has never been another guy that has brought these feelings out like the cancer boy......

    anyways...... ever since that phone call that my sagi boy made to the cancer boy..... I cant get him to talk to me like he use to....... I have such deep feelings for this cancer boy that I dont know what to do..... do I stay away until he is ready to talk to me? or do I open my heart up and tell him EXACTLY how I feel ? I dont want to push him away by telling him EXACTLY how I feel.... but I also dont want to loose him by waiting for him to come around.... PLEASE HELP !!

  • cancer boy will never go there with you if he has already been threatened by sag. cancer boys never do anything too rash ever! so move on from them both and find yourself someone more forthright and loving. matter of fact i think its time for you to work on yourself and the new single you. take some time to find out new things about yourself, or to discover old things about yourself that you burried away due to your previous relationship commitments. its your time for you. never ever forget that!

  • Thanks for the comment happyfrog 🙂

    Im tryin to focus on the "me" part of it....its hard....... its just that the cancer boy has such a hold on my heart....... we had become really good friends....and now I feel like I have lost him for good...... I would rather have him as a friend, then nothing at all......

  • Hi. Hold on, he WILL come back if he loves you.

  • exactly..cancers don't get over their feelings that easily!!

  • that the assumption that he loves her....cancers are also very dutiful. if he IS friends with your sag boy he would have to see you as the match in heaven to even go there, were talking permanant life sentence status....who was friends first? him and your sag? or him and you? that will have a lot to do with it.

  • He was friends with my sag boy first....... but then my sag boy stopped contacting him (no particular reason just took different paths, I guess)..... then the cancer boy and I kept in contact and got really close (nothing sexual) just friends......... we have a ton in common and everytime we are around eachother there is this incredible energy between us.....

  • sagi-girl. Hi . If I were you I would hold on to him as a friend . I know all too well . I wish me and my ex Cancer could remain friends more than anything . As you said you would rather stay friends then nothing atall. Exactly. I was deeply in love with my guy and he me , for 15 months until he went back to India and while there his parents arranged a marriage for him . I was gutted but he said it woulden't make any difference as it was me he loved . then all of a sudden he goes back to India called me 2 days later and that was the last I heard from him . It's a long story . but if you would like to pop over to my thread " Have I lost my cancer b/f for good " My whole story is on there . I have had such good advice and support . Sandran712 , loescorpion, Luazinha and Saranee are experts on cancers . I never got any closure and it is still killing me even after 5 months .

  • Thank you llindieloo 🙂

  • I'm a sag girl and i don't have an xp with cancer so I mite not b rite but dis is wat I think. People say that we r flirtatious which I am, but when we get into a relashionship we don't wanna be cheated on. First of all get his attention and show him that it doesn't feel rite without him, basically if u used 2 laugh an smile a lot wit him, prevent that. 1 thing I know bout cancer is dat they are very sympathetic so try and make him come 2 u. If that works an he comes to you don't show your weakness and emotions about him, well not clearly and softly question him bout y he wont come 2 u. If dat dont work try an show that ur sagi boy did it because he doesnt want anyone to come near you cause as i said 1nce a sag forms a romatic relationship, even if they break up they still care bout you an feel as if they hav put they're stamp on u and the others would take it off if they were near u. Or just basically tell him ur story.

    I've neva dated but there r a few boys who are chrushin on me, 5 exact. And they've neva told me that they like me and they aren't fessin up. I know a lot bout sag cause i'm 1 and trust me those 5 boys r really handsome, and I haven't done it cause I dont want the boyz 2 confess but try and put the feminnin charm in. Once hes ur friend, get all bubby and cute with him, then he'll start enjoyin being around you and charm him so much that he has to confess.

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