The captain could you do a reading for me please

  • my son and his girlfriend have had two miscarriage she thinks she pregant again they have been together for 5years his b-day is sept 2 hers is march,25 mine is june 2 do you see me being a grandma before the end of the year ? thank you for your time

  • I am feeling a lot of nervous emotional instability between these two people. I think they can both set each other off in regards to anxiety and tension. They both need to relax more - perhaps suggest some sort of relaxation classes for them both. The girl's body is literally clenched tightly like a fist - no wonder she has problems with miscarriages. Any sort of exercise regime like yoga or tai chi, or even listening to relaxing music, meditation, or hypnosis tapes must be undertaken in order for them to become parents and calmer more well-balanced partners.

  • thank you you are so right they sometimes bring the worst out in each other i wish they would wait awhile before they have a child thats why i was worried when she said she thought she was expecting again. if you dont mind what about me and my marriage? his b-day is october13. thank you so much for your time

  • Kathy, you and your hubby can both be pretty forceful people but your speed can be disturbing to your partner who prefers a more steady, measured approach. He may feel a little rushed by you. He is very conscious of how others see him, which may strike you as a bit phony. You are more interested in getting what you want than maintaining your image. The relationship must embrace compromise, tolerance, and understanding in order to achieve a balance.

    There may be power struggles here with you fruitlessly trying to control your husband. He wants someone strong to lean on but you won't give in to his need. The daily routines of marriage may ground you, Kathy, and physically maintaining a home may test your technical skills. Your hubby will appreciate your abilities - if he contributes his share to this job, your relationship may achieve a measure of balance. You may feel however that you have given up your most prized possession - freedom - and can feel cheated if career concerns keep your hubby away a lot. Neglect is a form of abuse. Crushing responsibilities may harm this relationship as can any lack of mutual respect or an inability to please each other.

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