Sun Scorpio, Moon Cancer, Rising Sagittarius guy here.

  • Well, I just joined here, and this is my first post. I'm personally really satisfied with this horoscope's accuracy, even though I only read it the day after, it's usually right. Which I don't get in other sites.


    To those dual-water sign people out there, do you people also have trouble dealing with your emotions?..

    Personally, I have to find an explanation to every single feeling I have in order to settle down. I don't find that bad though, I really like understanding people and myself, and every time I find the answer I'm looking for, I get pumped up (Scorpio, Sagittarius traits). But the very opposite happens when I'm confused.

    My life is pretty chaotic when it comes to emotions, specially women. I don't really find myself cheating on girls, but I have to suppress my need to know every little detail about the girl I'm trying to go out with. I also have a hard time not being too meddling with her affairs...

    Oh I remember my first love, it was... DRAMATIC. The girl didn't like me, I didn't understand a thing, but I kept trying, getting depressed, and even had a hard time distinguishing reality from illusion. Now I'm a lot more stable, thankfully, but back then I realized that understanding things at a very deep level was my only way to settle my emotions.

    That's why I spend hours and hours analyzing others and my behavior. Why do people tend to do this when this happens? What if I was in his/her place, how would I feel? Why am I so anxious over something so trivial? These questions pop up all the time.

    Interestingly enough, I feel how my signs influence my personality wherever I go. I feel uncomfortable in new places, but I home I always feel nice. New people scare me away, but I get along really well with people I've known for years. And when somebody needs emotional help, I can use my smooth talking and my past experiences to cheer them up with ease. (many of my friends ask me for help on that kind of stuff, and I tend to get philosophical)

    That's on the cancer side, but my scorpio self makes things a bit more drastic... I tend to sting people I've just met, specially guys, I tend to dislike guys. I tend to get angry at the slight hint of betrayal. And I'm over jealous when I'm not the center of attention, or when a girl I know is dating someone. I love being sarcastic, I love playing around by acting cold and saying blunt stuff that I don't really mean. Of course, my friends know that's usually how I tend to joke around. Beating around the bush is also something I do a lot without noticing.

    I personally tend to look and behave like a calm person, but my insides are a raging hurricane when anything unexpected happens. And when I'm mad the only thing I'll say is no, and suddenly I start behaving in ways I don't really mean to. I always end up regretting what I did and apologizing when it gets serious. It's hard to control myself, but I sure know my life is "intense" lol.

    Well, that's it I guess... any one experiencing something like this?

  • Welcome elite 5472, I too am a water sign and find it difficult to deal with my own emotions. It is much easier to deal with others. I feel that I have done something useful and worthwhile when I am "analyzing" or helping others deal with issues in their lifes. When you are analyzing others behaviors it's your way of figuring out the best way to react to a given situation. Try to remember before acting on your anger that you would not want to be treated that way. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. I find this very effective when interacting with difficult personalities. hope this was helpful.... good luck

  • Thanks for the reply =]

    I'm actually not having that much trouble anymore. Actually, I think I'm rather doing well. But I did have a hard time back in high-school. Now I'm in my second year of university, and I'll be turning 19 this october =P

    When I was younger I didn't have many friends, I was a bit of a closed shell. But then in my later years of high-school I started to open up and then things started to get out of control, lack of knowledge and understanding was driving me insane.

    I guess it is true that scorpios have to get burned to death and return from the ashes in order to mature. I assume I'm entering my "eagle" state by now. And the more I understand things at a deep level, the easier it is for me to get what I want from life.

    In the middle 8 month high-school melodrama I started to understand myself a little, I relied a lot on the horoscope. Little by little I started to understand what was going on around me so I began to see what was happening. Eventually, I got over it just before entering college. It still took me a while to understand things like I do now. It's amazing how much I've grown in three years.

    About my anger issues... I've tried, but I lose my cool way too easily. Fortunately I don't harm others in my little rampages, but I don't take the most favorable choices for handling situations. In a way, that made me want to not get too involved in things. But I know it is a mistake not to face my problems directly.

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  • Hello turtledust, I just emailed you at the address you sent me =]

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