No show!

  • Anyways, I met this guy who I really thought I had a connection with, because its a deep intense one. He called me and we were talking for 5 hours on the phone which we have from the begining, I hung up with him, and he called me back saying he wants to come see me yesturday. I told him no because he was up talking to me for most of the night and he should rest, but i did say it would be better if he would come tomorrow which is today. He said ok i gave him my address waited around all day and he never showed up. I am not sure what i should do.

  • try giving him a call, to see what's up. Maybe he didn't know it was a deffinate plan, next time you make plans be sure to include the details like times and confirmation, and what to expect if either has to reschedule

  • Next time meet in a public place and do not give your address out to anyone you don't know - very dangerous even if you think you 'know' them. People can say anything to make you like them on the internet or phone.

  • My dad was there he told me to give him the address because it made him feel safer that had he came to see me hed be here, my dad would have been here.

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