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  • Twinsoul, thank you so much i know i am very nervous right now because i have made a decission to clear up my fiances and feel i have stuck my neck on the line right now. I know it will be temporary and will be financial better off too.

    Thank you so much for the reading sounds like you have read me well so far...Could i please ask one more question? How many weeks it will take for me to make the money I need to get through this situation?

  • Hello Twinsoul,

    Can you please shed some light on the situation I am now.

    I am married but I never was in love with my husband. All my life waited to for a day when separation would be easier, while his love for me has been constantly growing. I am still unhappy, and became less and less when more than a year ago I had a strong crash, on someone that I believed he liked me too. But the guy has a girlfriend and I have refused him. However, while I am almost over a painful year doubts and worriers on letting him go, now it seems he is not letting me. He is shy, but I believe he is waiting me to do something, He is just being available. and pushing my buttons. I like him still but I feel hurt. I want a free men, not just a lover. and he is not free.

    I wonder if you see us in the future together ??

    I very much appreciate your insight,

    best, brick

  • Thank you, Twinsoul - I am very tired, indeed. I'm on a rollercoaster....I appreciate your time - thank you for everthing from the bottom of my heart!

  • Hi...very nice of you to do this!!! THANKS!!

    I am writing a Vampire Series for the Young Adult level...the first book is being edited "JADE". Do you see me finding a Literary Agent who will get my book to Publishers and onto the shelves to be a real author?

    DOB 5/8/72

    not sure of what time I came into the world



  • Twinsoul...I see this thread has been going longer than 24 hours and hope you can help me. Losing job and going back to school (hopefully). Should I go into medical field or criminal justice field?

  • Dear Twinsoul,

    Should I go into the nursing field? I am suppose to start nursing school in may and I am already projecting that their is going to be a job shortage like teaching when I graduate and I won't have a job or financial security and be in debt. Please help!!

  • Dear Twinsoul,

    Hello There! I am so hopeful that you can please share with me an insight on when I can expect to meet my life partner. Any other information that you may receive would be Oh so appreciated, and truly help me to keep enduring.

    Just in case it's relevant, my date of birth is 31st August 1971, 11:29am, Melbourne Australia.

    Thanking you for sharing with everyone,


  • Hi Twinsoul! I hope I'm not too late! Thanks for your help! Is this weekend going to be lucky for me?

  • Hi Twinsoul!Its kind of you to help so many here.i know Im late,but in case you are still taking questions,please help.I am on a quest to understand some things about the past and to make changes.Am I on the right track and how long before the pain goes and peace and understanding come?

    Thanks v much.Love and Light

  • Hello Twinsoul ,

    I just would like to ask what you see for me in regards to my life in general , will I be able to get my finances on a even keel ,(which is something I get very nervous and upset about )also will I achieve my goals ,etc . Any insight would be greatly appreciated , Thank you for reading my post and your time .

    Take Care and God Bless You




  • I realize that is an ambiguous question - Future? as in committment!

  • I am just curious as to whether my boyfriend will ever ask me to marry him?

  • Will my partner and I stay together or will our differences pull us apart?

  • joyful

    it will be ok for a few months and then i sense you getting bored lol you are very frisky he is not you love life he is a pessimist i feel like this virgo is like a heavy fog has success but not happiness you need a happy and deep person to fullfil you all will be your choice you will have another deep love in your life blessings

  • meow

    hi no you will have to ask him but he will say yes hahaha he just cant bring himself todo it but he loves you

  • gorgeous gal

    you and your partner share a very deep love i feel you surounded by so much adoration in your life your differences are a mountain of sand each little grain is in itself very tiny you both have allowed tiny things to get in the way of your love please work out your differences agree to bend both of you you will stay together stop wasting your love on bs ok

  • faithfulone

    i am not getting an answet to you question of time sorry

  • brickone

    i do not feel like i want to answer this question you married a man you didnt love and allowed him to love you you haved used your husband i dont feel like any relationship will satisfy you because you are in love with love i am sorry... perhaps you would be best off asking an astrologer blessings

  • sofia

    sorry i missed your post yes i feel only wonderful things going on for you this year blessings

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