A gift for you

  • much better than a reading which you will doubt call chris and ask there is someone else

  • no to the relationship yes to the career

  • is the man w the dob of 3/27/78 the biological father of my son?

  • Will my son and I ever have our own home(home meaning our own apt, house, etc.) free of my current living arrangements?

  • Twinsoul

    Thank u 4 the wonderful offer. if You're not doin this anymore or you're too tired plz don't bother, it's ok 😉 My question is: will I be successful if I decide to study to become a database analyst?

    Thank u so much! Good night n sweet dreams

  • Hello twinsoul plz disregard my question 🙂 it's ok, I don't think I need to know since the future can always be changed by our own hands. Thank u anyways 😉

  • Hello Twinsoul

    I did start a new thread looking for you need help with personal and home life thanks

  • Hello Twinsoul

    I was wondering if you could ask your Guides , if there is a (time frame) in regards to my previous question on pg1,about tapping into my abilities of being as seer and healer for others. .The answer to that question was ( Yes, Keep at it ).

    Thank You for your time , it is much appreciated :O)


  • baebae

    whats up

  • yes he is the dad

  • sun cappy girl

    yes the data job will be successful will you like it

  • I am new here...could I get just ask what does my near future look like? and my love life?

    Thanks in advance

  • Oops may need my dob. 4-17-66

  • twinsoul

    ive had alot of problems being sick,lost my job, almost losing my home. ive been thru a lot of struggles this past year whats in store for me will my life get any better . and the relationsip ive been in is a dead end help me please

  • Hello Twinsoul - here is a second try (I haven't seen an asnwer to my previous question). Anything good in store for me in the near future? 1/8/1960 ...Thank you so much!

  • Thank you twin soul!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  • Twinsoul, thank you for all you are doing for everyone here. Should I relocate and go back to school, worried about my financial future.

  • faithfulone

    dont be sooo nervous dear one your near future next 6 mos is going to be full of changes i see a change of residence i see you with your feet stuck in cement pull them out you probably will change best friends also your love life will improve in august and you will have a long term relationship which will make you happy but most of all take the reins of your life and make conscious changes trust yourself as you are full of self doubt you truly your own worst enemy blessings

  • baebae

    you must take care of your health i feel like you eat alot of foods that you know that you shouldnt this is causing your body to feel and be ill also it doesnt take a psychic to tell you that the economy is going through difficult times. you will keep your home your relationship is soooo flat why did you choose such as bland person this relationship is at the core of your self abuse you can change your life expect more of yourself definately consider changing partners you guys barely have what to talk about good luck work hard it will be well blessings

  • hi sophia

    i see only goodness around you so why did you ask lol lifes passages are not bad occurrences they are our lessons you are not wanting you are tired take a really nice vacation you need it and deserve it

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