A gift for you

  • stargirl

    please do not allow a relationship to be responsible for your happiness a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle k you will have a relationship but first you must reach your own potential, which is huge

  • turbox

    your are welcome blessings

  • stclaire

    one question lol

    8 mos k

  • ineedtomeditate

    you are already ok just keep a positive outlook noone said life is supposed to be fun K just work harder you can do so much more just do it sweetie i see wealth and goodness surrounding you why are you creating problems eat healthy

  • pilot007 go back to school for advanced training i see you earning wayyyyy over six figures your marriage your attitude that is so up to you stop waiting you are the catalyst for change in your life be it k


  • is ther a chance for me and my husband to reconcile?

  • olivebranch

    all will be well

  • ajahny

    yes there is a chance but he's such an angry person and you are very kind why do you want this to continue

  • scribe

    2011 close enough

  • twinsoul,

    to tell you the truth I have been afraid to ask the question. Still I want to know.

    Will i ever be in a happy relationship?

  • Hi Twinsoul,

    I asked my question on page 6 and looks like it may have been overlooked by mistake.

    Here it is again:

    Saturday, February 20, 2010 19:06 PST



    Wow! Great timing. Great gift. I just joined today after searching for jobs online.

    Do you see me getting a dream job/career?


    Thanks again.

  • thank you very much, my question is will my doctor do something for pain, I have degenerative arthritis, degenerative disc disease and chronic kidney disease. Thanks very much.

  • My dear Twinsoul,

    Thank you so much! May the Universe reign blessings upon you. Blessed be...


  • Thank you twinsoul!

  • sorry tenchi i did not mean to forget you

    yes tenchi you are surrounded by success now grab it and work even harder than hard i see you so successful glad to know you i think that you might be famous someday

  • monalisa

    yes but you must learn to be a bit more flexible and trust in your soul beauty

  • toni b

    so sorry you are not feeling well yes you will be helped with your pain

  • mmm...well...he is that..brutally honest...he telehoned me this morning...to tell me he thought that he didnt thing we "made sense" on paper"...so...thought it was best not to get romantically involved but to stay friends...this, obviously is not how I feel..for me...to become romantically involved...well...I think letting go and trusting to see where it leads is a big part of it. He obviously has some sort of a mental check list, and I guess I don't have enough checks in the plus column.

    There is an age difference...and he was just rambling on about how it would be OK for now..but maybe not in ten or fifteen years. Can't believe he is doing this sort of projecting after ONE MEETING!!! I mean...I haven't even thought that far ahead!!!

    Now...just trying to decide how I will react when he fones again..I should have listened to your spirit better......

    Sigh....say a prayer for me...a very depressing day...

    Peace and Love...tiggersmom6

  • oh my dearest tiggersmom

    today was a blessing to be done with an idiot so quickly see how much the universe loves you. he did not reject you he is a bit of a weirdo smile you are loved blessed be your journey

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