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  • Dear Twinsoul,

    here is my post and the answer on that page. is that answer correct, and was it for me? it was on page 13. I am sorry for all the confusion. That's all I want to know is that answer right?

    Tuesday, February 23, 2010 22:34 PST


    is the man w the dob of 3/27/78 the biological father of my son?

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    Wednesday, February 24, 2010 19:20 PST


    yes he is the dad

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  • Dear Twin Soul,

    Here is the original post I told u about on p.13 and the response. Is this accurate? Is this the response I should go by?

    "Tuesday, February 23, 2010 22:34 PST


    is the man w the dob of 3/27/78 the biological father of my son?

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    Wednesday, Februar


    yes he is the dad

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  • P.S. I never meant to cause confusion. I am really hurting over this issue and can't just get a test right now. I am in pain. please. I am so sorry . I should have just restated the same question and never tried to change it. Is this the answer for my question? should I go by this if that answer was for me?

  • ckdgh

    see other thread for your answer good luck


  • sassylady

    soul mate for sure


  • Twinsoul,

    Thank you so much for that, You really gave me alot of support.

    Many blessings to you from me hunn,

  • addicted to riches

    you are so welcome


  • hi Twinsoul,

    How are you? I asked a question a while ago (page 26 or so) in regards to my love life, but I suppose there was no clear answer to it and that's the reason you did not reply? Can you predict anything now?( I asked whether my love life will pick up soon and when? I like someone but he is not available:-(.... will he be available or should I move on?)

    But I actually came back to ask you whether you see my sister migrating here with her son this year? She did get the permanent residency now for this country, but now she needs to close up things where she lives before she can come. She was hoping she would be here by May end, but I am not sure about this now... what do you think? When will she come? Her DOB is 24 Dec, 1973...

    thanks heaps TwinSoul....you're amazing!

    Have a lovely Day!

  • Dear twinsoul,

    I have deep feelings for my bf DOB April 6, 1982 like I have never had for anyone else in my life thus far. Is he a soulmate but just not the one meant to last forever? If he is not who I am meant to be with can you tell me if and when I will meet the one. Thanks for your help.



  • plutomoon

    your sister will be with you befor years end. also your love life will pick up in 2011.


  • 333tanya

    he's nice, but a little nutty. you need someone more stable. you will meet your person in 2012. have fun with this one for a while more. it will be your choice.


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  • hello twin soul, hope this finds you well, as for me i have a guestion about spirit guides do i have any you can tell me about? thanks and love and light to you x x x

  • stclaire

    of course you have spirit guides. i will have to go into a deep meditation to speak to your guides. Unfortunately, i cant do that and type at the same time lol. my guides tell me that you have 18 guides that routinely visit you. Wow.


  • This post is deleted!

  • twinsoul, what can I expect this coming year.

    With a new birth year in just over one month I do sense some changes.

    DOB May 2, 1947

    Julianna lovingsilverwings

  • Good Morning Twin Soul, How are you? Fine I hope! I don't know what my question is today, I'm kind of in a funk. Do you see anything for me? Coming soon? Sounds like a movie commercial, I know. Thanks! 🙂

  • DEAR TWIN SOUL, thanks for the reply again, why so many?guess i need loads of help,!..lol any way i can know they are there or know why?so i can possibly interact or feel their presense? thinking back i know one took the wheel of my car once as i was looking head on to another car i was amazed at how that accident was avoided now i know how!. but for the most part i feel like no one is with me so how do i know? i guess that sounds silly but if you can tell me that would be great. im greatful for the amazing gift you have shared with me.....blesssings andpeace1

  • Thank you TwinSoul for your answer....

    Take care...

  • julianna

    this year will be better than the last two years. i sense that a new interest is brewing inside of you, follow that thread you will find a new world opening up for you. blessings

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