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  • phoenixlyhenry

    you and your ex fight all of the time. why would you want to go back to that.


  • Twinsoul! You are scaring me LOL!

    Thank you for your reply to my question, if I will move to another country soon.

    Glad to hear that, it's been my dream for almost 7 years now, to live in another country for the rest of my life and have my own happy finally šŸ™‚

    What scares me is the description you gave me. Green, beautiful hills and cliff! You just described where my ex is living right now!

    My ex lives in the area with beautiful green hills, surrounded by cliffs, with his front porch facing the nature ( with deers, squirrels etc running loose). There is a cool bridge too nearby. I never gave a thought about this city, state before but I fell in love with this place during my first visit there. My ex took me for a drive to see all the old / new houses in his neighborhood and then took me out for our first lunch at a great restaurant right on top of a hill with a breathtaking view!

    I am still trying to linger on what you also said - "name of church in it". There is a church just minutes away from my ex's place. We drove by all the time. There is also a church with his family name in it but it is kinda far from his place, in another town. Still figuring this out...

    If you have anymore insights on this, please let me hear it. No sugarcoating pls šŸ™‚

    Anyway, he is still an EX haha.

    Thanks Twinsoul! As usual, you are great!!

  • twinsoul,, Thank you for your answer, I was concerned about her, yes she is brilliant, and I truly believe she will have a serious more compatible experience with her many talents, she could have used what she did to her advantage but decided that it was not the way she wanted to be known. Now I will tell you that if you go to a site on facebook That is titled...... Can this pickle get more fans than nikelback, now she did it as a joke but it went crazy, and she got more fans than the band named and she was getting journalists from all parts of the world wanting to talk to her it was on CNN and BBC Los Angeles Times, Australia and many more. Now if you go to that site and check the NOTES box she wrote a very intelligent letter explaining the entire ordeal and she is doing fine. You see she wants to be a writer. I must say you are correct about everything you said. Oh yes she was the creator and she got close to 2million fans. , and she thought she was just being humourous, and felt bad at some of the remarks. I think She will become famous some day perhaps soon. She is 18............... Leonida P.S. She also did a video on YOU TUBE she has said it was all to be in fun but it exploded and upset her. If you find it I would appreciate your feelings and insight again.

  • leonida

    this site block all internet and face book links so i cant go and see your granddaughters site. wish i could best of luck blessings

  • Twinsoul - I have been wondering.....how soon do you see my husband's promotion and can you see us moving in the next year, anywhere nice, overseas perhaps?? I am very intrigued. Sorry for being a pain Twinsoul! Happy times to you. šŸ˜„

  • twinsoul, blessings.

    On page 29, your message from the spirits indicated 5 BLESSINGS. If possible could you elaborate some.

    I am single with no pospects, (actually sense I am to go alone the rest of this earth life). Maybe a friend-compaion !!!

    As for grand children, there is one from the son I gave up for adoption. Limited contact . The son raised (as a single parent), now at 35 (DOB August 19, 1974) does not want to bring a child into this world the way it is. The woman he is seeing has a 9 year old son.

    Is there to be some extra financial income. Yes, I do have a tendicy to freat some about money as It has been very limited all my life even though I have worked most of my life (sometimes 2-3 jobs which would total 12-18 hours per day, At mimimun wage)

    My health is starting to improve.

    I thank you and the guides and spirits for your insight.

    Blessings Beyond Messure

    Julianna lovingsilverwings

  • BUMP

  • Twinsoul, I have a friend I chat with on Skype a lot, and we play a couple of online games together. He's a really great guy, and I'll be traveling his way in a couple of months. We talk a lot, but I'm not sure if he sees me as a friend or a prospect for more. Will this go anywhere, or what should I expect from this friendship? And will I have the chance to meet him when I drive through?

  • Dear twinsoul,

    I would like to know when the difficult circumstances my bf and I are facing at the moment will be resolved and when we will be able to be live completely free together. Thanks.



  • Hello again and Many blessings to you for your "good works." What would be a good area or arena for me to do some "good works" for mankind. Kinda deep I know. Thank you, Thank u and bless u again! šŸ™‚

  • silverwitch

    yes have a cup of tea with him.


  • intrigued

    yes your husband will have several promotions. you will move three more times in your life. dint see location sorry. you will be happy , no worries.


  • 333tanya

    i am sorry , but i dont think that this is going to happen. you will be able to keep the situation the way it is indefinately, however you deserve much more my dear.


  • Hi Twinsoul,

    Hope you saw my message on page 33, right before Leonida, Intriqued etc...

    One question to add;

    Will that be the last time I will be relocating or will there be more?

    Also, do you see me relocating on my own or with someone else?


  • Hi Twinsoul,

    Could I please ask "will I ever be able to buy my own home"

    much love and joy to you!!



  • Does Michael intend to meet his son someday? Or does he hope we just stay away?

    My mother thinks I should tell Mike's parents that they have a grandchild, I have no idea what they know about our situation. (I believe they have been told that its all a vicious rumor) I just don't think it's my place to talk to Mike's parents when he appears to have no interest in his child. I feel if I tell them, and invite them into our life, that I would be encouraging Mike to get involved as well, my selfish side says, they can all stay out. Am I right to mind my own business, or am I being selfish and angry. It was not easy to be ignored for a whole pregnancy, and now a year and half. I think I am finding acceptance...on going emotions...thank you for your insight.

  • Dear twinsoul,

    Thanks for your response. I have deep feelings for my bf like I have never had for anyone else in my life thus far. I feel as if we communicate heart to heart when we are apart. At the moment I can't even imagine ever loving anyone else as much as I love him. Is he my soulmate but just not the one meant to last forever? If so will I meet my soulmate that I am meant to be with and when will this happen. Thanks for your help.



  • Twinsoul - You are a marvel! Many thanks for your help. You've given such a lot. Happy times to you. šŸ˜„

  • This post is deleted!

  • Twinsoul,

    Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me and answering my question. May I please, please, please, be greedy and ask the last of the 3 things that have been troubling me. Pretty , pretty please? I will be so grateful! Here it goes, the aries man that I have been in love with for almost half of my life, will we be and stay together permanetly finally? Will it ever work out and last for good, with or with out vows and rings? You have been so wonderful to me, I would do anything to know. I want to face a reality i dislike or like. My gut has always said someday it will. will it? I have been through hell and back with this man, and I know he loves me and we are very deeply connected. There has not and never will be anyone that I feel that way about. It is the strongest connection I know. I know you are so helpful, and there are people with more pressing issues than i, but you are truly one of the gifted and the best on here, and it would mean so much , even if I have to be put on the end of a list. Thank you so much for listening, and hopefully, I will here back from u. Thank you again!

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