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  • libralady

    this year is going to be a real mixed bag for you. fasten your seatbelt my dear. it is going to be a big year for you, alot of new people. being pulled in so many directions. most important thing for you this year is to learn how to say no. all will be fine, nothing bad, just LOT OF STUFF, BLESSINGS

  • brightblessings

    yes my dear. relax you must relax. blessings

  • olivebranch

    yes go to school your life will be full of blessings

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  • Hi TwinSoul:

    Just thought I would check in...you gave me excellent advice and support on 20/21FEB...about a man naturally...I think that I have resigned myself to the fact that we will just be friends...and he does keep in touch...

    However, I have so many guys floating around right now that are potential dates/relationships, etc...and my gut instincts seem to have totally deserted me after this last go round...so, if it is not too presumptuous, could you ask the spirits if they see anything for me in this department?

    After looking over what everyone else wants...what I want..well..it just seems like that even before money, or health or anything else...the yearning to connect with someone seems to be the primal need..just a feeeling that, well...someone has your back...is there to support you...

    You are truly kind and I do appreciate it...


  • Twinsoul, thank you for your response.

    I do have a question. With my age 62, when you say babies, what are you refering to!!! Also, I am in no relationship or have any prospects.

    I shall reflect on the rest of your response.


  • Many thanks Twinsoul - I am being greedy, I do apologise, I can't help myself! What do you see for me personally? If you feel I have been too needy and greedy, don't answer!!! Many, many thanks!! 😄

  • quenkath

    lololol when someone feels butterflies it is an old wives tale to say that is a sign of a new baby. what you are feeling is your kundilini expressing itself. google the word if you are not familiar, this is a good thing. you are reaching a state of enlightment. blessings

  • tiggersmom

    i believe his name is tom. could be fair blondyred hair. blessings. ps when he comes to you you will know it. i promise

  • silverwings

    hahaha i can feel your age new babies in the family , are you a granny yet. someones pregnant.... relationship are you really sure that you want one. i think that you are best off with a great friend. something about you and relationships get difficult, why is that? blessings

  • intrigued

    i feel your insecurities. stop believing your fear. fear is a liar. again i see that you are already well dug in to your life. you have done a fine job. perhaps take a couple of classes in the gentile arts of divination. it draws you, do it. blessings

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  • ha, ha, there seems to be a lot of baby talk in here, I do believe spring has sprung, AT LAST !

    bright blessings

  • Twinsoul,

    Thank-you so much,i've gotten away from meditating lately but will get back to it to try to relax and help me with my fears.

    many blessings,love & light 🙂

  • Twinsoul You are so the best...he hasnt shown up yet...but I will keep you posted!!


  • My Grandaughter almost had an opportunity for 15 minutes of FAME and then much more, it lasted 14 minutes will she get an other chance she is a very talented writer. P.S. she has almost 2 million fans for what she did do......To all her family,s surprise she stopped everything. ... told us this is not what she wanted to be known for. I .. along with many others was surprised, but of course her happiness is first, Do YOU see what will Happen next ?????? some think many doors will open. I hope so & what might they be.? Leonida

  • Me and My ex broke up a few months ago, and now im talking to another girl who i have feelings for as well, will me and my ex get back together?

  • Thank you twinsoul. When you say alot of stuff, what do you mean could you elaborate a little for me and yes I have a hard time saying no alot of the time. Thank you.

  • Hello Twinsoul, many thanks! I am full of insecurities and fear is the big one, surprised me that you mentioned that! I don't think it's helped that I've moved constantly all of my life, never laying down any roots and really getting to know people. The people who are happiest are those that have lived in the same house for 5 years and more! I've never done that, 2 years if I'm lucky! I'll think about the divination - I'm not sure what that is but I'll look into it. I am learning to let go of some insecurities. My fear is the big one and I'm working on it all the time! Happy days to you and thank you. 😄

  • leondia

    you granddaughter was humiliated by something, somehow i am sensing that it was fashion related. she is brilliant, and willl make her mark again. right now she wants to be invisible. No worries. She is young and sensitive, too immature for all the attention she recieved. Please send her for some type of councel, as she will benefit from this greatly. we dont want her falling into a depression over this. Blessings

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