A gift for you

  • Wow Twinsoul,

    I hope you are right!

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face 🙂


  • witchwoman

    it is my pleasure to give you my advice at any time. here is what i need from you

    1. please send me your questions one at a time, as when i have to scroll up and down, the machinery gets in the way of the answer

    2. throwing in the towel. no way. incarnation on Earth is a privilege , like being accepted at Oxford. hardest ride, the lessons are worth it. did you get the memo that life on earth is going to be easy. head up dear you are marvelous. will answer the rest of your questions later, as my day job becons, and i still am in my pj's.lol

    have a day filled with the lessons of the spirit. all good blessings

  • 🙂 My questions just pour forth!

    I shall don my pjs now to end my day here downunder as my bed beckons, and shall sleep soundly, looking oh-so-forward to hearing from you tomorrow.

    Warm friendship & much thanks, wishing you a fabulously happy day,


  • Twinsoul,

    Thank you for your insight! You have helped light the fire back under me to know that I can accomplish my goal even though I don't have the support! I will fire away and when I get my edited book back I will pursue a literary agent that can find me a publisher as this may be my hardest task. Can you specify anyone I should start with agent wise?

    Thanks! Happy day job to you!...I will be sure and send a book your way somehow when my dream has become reality (hopefully this year....sigh..)!


  • Thank you very much , Twinsoul.

  • Dear Twinsoul

    I posted my request on page 15.In case you get anything for me i will wait.

    many thanks and blessings

  • Thank you twinsoul for your help i greatly appreciate it.You're great.

  • Twinsoul, blessings to you for the information you are revealing with the assistance of the spirits.

    what can I look forward to this coming year.


  • thank you, it was about a person

  • i met a man who is one of my soul mates. we connected very strongly on a soulical level. does he still want to me my Mate?

  • correction for above

    does he want to still "be my future mate" and for how long?

  • Thank you twinsoul, that was a lovely message

  • dear ajahny

    lol you are both so stubborn. you and your husband need to agree to disagree, lol. Virgos need everything in very good order and scorpions like things a little messy. Virgos also are frugal. My dear the best way to have your way with a virgo is to make him think that's it his idea. please stop banging heads over nonsense and realize that nothing is more important than love. Love is one of the joys we brings with us here to earth to help us get through our life lessons. The two of you can argue over a carrot. Please love eachother.

    What is your frustration about?

  • Is nursing school and a career in nursing the right path for me? I am suppose to start in may.

  • hi twinsoul,

    im 25 female and things havent been right or going my way alot of pain and heartbreaks the pass 6-8 months...just want to know if my main current concernreagarding love will start turning around ?and also i am thinking of going towards teaching kids is that a good career path for me?


    unknown23 🙂

  • Hi TwinSoul,

    Am i going to lift the vail to reveal my full psychic soon?

    thank-you,love & light 🙂

  • cdkgh

    you will be a wonderful nurse, look into pediatrics. blessings

  • darlene,

    this question does not require a psychic, just requires communication. the answer will be yes, how long depends on your free will. blessings

  • unknown23

    of course you will have love, just not right now. dismiss it from your mind, and concentrate on yourself. teaching will be wonderful for you. go for it. blessings

  • patricia1970

    stop being afraid. it will manifest. blessings

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