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  • Thanks Twinsoul!

    I believe you answered my question a few days back about me getting published unless you answered soneone elses question ( there were two of us asking a similiar question, you see 🙂

    So you do see me getting published... but will I be successful then? I mean getting recognition and maybe continuing to publish more books? I am just scared that it will be just a one hit wonder or something like that... 🙂

    my DOB was 4 jan, 1979

    thanks heaps

  • Twinsoul,

    You probably didn't notice my post so one more try. 🙂 Could you shed some light on the situation I am in now, please? I'm not sure if what I did was right. Did I hurt him? I don't want him to disappear from my life but I'm afraid this is what will happen soon.

  • Dear Twinsoul,

    Thank you for your kind offer. I see you have surpassed 24 hours but seem to still be going, so I would like to ask a question if that's still okay. I am wondering if Everett and I will have a future together in a committed relationship...or marriage even? If so, is he a soulmate? If not, will I find the man I am meant to spend my life with anytime soon or have I already met him in the past?

    Sorry... one question turned into 4..lol. Many blessings and strength to you for all your generous help!


  • Dear TwinSouls,

    Thanks for your reply... In the current book "JADE" I have two girls helping one of the girls parents do yard work...would that be it? Its a Young Adult Vampire series...

    Thanks and Blessings to you!

  • Twinsouls

    Will I ever be married?

  • serious 7

    yes and no you will have a significant other dont know if getting married name starts with G and ends in G how sweet let me know k blessings

  • Dear twinsoul

    will I be successful in my career ? Will I ever find that special someone? Thank you Star49 071660

  • pluto moon yes you will be published with some success blessings

  • moonalisa

    hi i am sorry i didnt miss your post i just feel confused as to the answer. when i dont hear clearly, i dont answer. happens sometimes i am sorry blessings

  • That's ok, thanks for the try! All the best for you!

  • Is it possible that you have the answer later? if so i'd be glad to hear it from you. 🙂

  • sacogirl

    why do you want to marry everett i dont get the feeling hes for you at all yes you will be in a committed relationship however may i suggest that marriage not be such a huge focus in your life marriage should be a natural part of a deep relationship not something to be accomplished you will have yours open your life to love it is there for you a soul mate is anyone in this life that you have a relationship with and learn lessons from some soul mates are our best friend and some soul mates are those who have broken out hearts into pieces lessons lessons lessons that what soul mates are for blessings

  • Dear Twinsoul,

    Thankyou once again for your insight, but alas, I can't place who he might be:-(

    I hope you don't mind me troubling you, but I would really appreciate any more clues as to this mystery man's identity.

    Have you got any idea of a time frame for us to connect?

    Thankyou - Warm friendship & blessings to you,


  • Twin soul,

    I was wondering if CB was just playing with my feelings or if he truely loves me, if so will we try to work it out at a later time?

    Also I always pick bad jobs, I have 2 interviews this week, will one of them be a good fit/healthy for me?

  • dear witch woman

    yes october or november good luck and enjoy blessings

  • Hi Twinsoul,

    I noticed you missed my question and it wasn't exactly a yes or no question so I will try to think of how I could ask it in a different way or maybe I am not asking the right question. Thanks anyway, you are doing a wonderful job here. 🙂

  • Ok, another question does come to mind.....I was told by another that I am surrounded by Angels and meant to work with them, passing on their messages. Is that what I am meant to be working on at this time?

  • jotoole

    hi cb has a hard time with feelings playing with you no hard time with love and comittments yes hard time with alot of life, your job you need to be a big fish in a small pond work politics get to you hard thing to deal with all of that pettiness take a job where you will work mostly by yourself how about starting your own business best thing for you blessings

  • Thank you for your insights!

    I was a little confused though, so cb is not playing with my feelings?

    Thanks again, and sorry for so many questions!

  • twinsoul, thank you for what you are doing.

    What are the spirits willing to reveal for me at this time?

    What can I expect for the next few earth months?



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