A gift for you

  • Hi Twinsoul i have a huge problem ,im am losing my job ,next week willl be the last week for working there, can you tell me if and when i will be able to find another one? or anything about the situation? thank you for giving your time for this...........blessings to you

  • Gem

    hi i hate to write these kinds of responses, but are you sure you are doing everything in your power to improve your finances? i dont feel any real issues that cannot be solved through better spending habits and harder work. if you give your life 110% of your effort, you will be handsomly rewarded.


  • poetic555

    hi yes go for it . you are great at business, and if you are not already wealthy, you will be


  • hi stclaire

    you need to relax. take a month off and then start interviewing. new really nice job in may. why am i seeing so many clothes. strange vision.


  • fanofkm

    all jobs have ridiculous politics. you have some really cranky backstabbers at your present place. start interviewing now, new job in sept


  • justakoolkat

    i dont think that that would be a wise choice for you. i do not get great vibes about this person. move on.


  • Twinsoul,

    Hello Doll,

    How Are you ?

    Well Today i've Filled out many job applications, Shesshh Tiring. Yes 😃

    Do you know if ill be getting a job soon ?


  • addictedtoriches

    your ambition , one of your wonderful qualities. you will get a job, call back everyone that has your application. send cards to those in charge thanking them for considering you for an interview. you will get a really good job

    blessings, hon

  • TwinSoul,

    Thanks So Much Hunn! Good To Hear.

    Last Question do you know around what month or time ? soon... ?


  • Hi Twinsoul,

    Could you ask your spirit guides for me please if the man I love will be my new permanent love / life partner. Also, will my books I've written be published, and do you see me in a new writing career and moving overseas ? Many thanks.

  • Twinsoul thank you for the gift my you have many blessings.... Here is my question to you...

    Will April be the month that I get the job I have been waiting for?

    Take care~

  • addicted to riches

    by june


  • samandy

    you will have good employment in may.

  • verda

    your new love will last a while, however not your life mate. your writing?? I do not see thisfor you sorry. you should consider teaching.


  • Twinsoul you are so funny!

  • phoenixhenry

    i do not think that you and ms. keys are soul mates. you have a crush on her like every other guy your age.


  • kitkat

    sorry to say, the answer is no


  • GJay

    you are very intelligent and have many interests. Which one of your interests thrills you the most? Start a thread on this site for "the captain " she is very gifted with career directions. she will head you in the correct direction.


  • Good morning Twinsoul, thanks for the answer i will take your advice and try to relax,may is not that far off and i thank god for that, you had a vision of cothes? hmmm wonder what that means! it is strange, as you said it was...have a blesssed weekend!

  • Hello and Blessings to you all.

    Because there have been so many beautiful souls seeking the advice of my guides, there are 48 pages and 477 questions and answers on this particular thread. I will not be using this thread anymore, as it is becoming tooooo confusing for me to remember whom I answered and whom I have unintentionally skipped over.

    I am still here for you. Just closing this thread and starting another.


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