A gift for you

  • poetic555

    your life is what you make it , everyone gets into a funk every now and then. you have so much to be happy about. you are bored, do something really fun this weekend. blessings

  • stclaire

    i suspect that at some time during your life you have experienced the feeling of someone standing over you while you are in bed and the lights are off. that is a spirit guide of yours. Ask them to communicate with you, they will.


  • OMG, i did i really did it was in 1976 i was in bed it was dark and i was praying for help ,to be able to take care of my self and my two children it was the first night in the new house after my split with their dad, i was sacred and very anxious then at the foot of my bed as i opened my eyes i saw a large figure siloute and it had wings no face but it was the form of an angel s with wings i was scared and closed my eyes again.when i opened them it was gone, but i havenet seen anything like that since..........that gives me chills now that you suggested you suspected that had happened to me....wow you are really something. how very gifted you are and i am very grateful to you i have at diffferent points in my life felt someone over me though and didnt know enough to pay attention to this and just sort of shruged it off as my maybe being silly!

  • Twinsoul, thank you for the information for the coming birthday year.

    May you be blessed beyond measure for this service.

    Julianna lovingsilverwings.

  • julianna

    it is my pleasure


  • "The gift that keeps on giving." I will, you made my day today. 🙂 Have a good weekend!

  • poetic555

    blessings and thank you as well

  • Dont know if you saw the other thread yet, my Angel Card reading on Friday was "On the money." I hit a jack pot, through the Grace of God. The angel's name was Rochelle, do you think that's really her name? I sent my gratitude to God and the Universe and I want to thank you so much, you have "Big Time" Blessings coming your way. I'm praying for all of us.



  • poetic555

    rochelle, my brain says huh? my guides say yes. so what does my brain really know anyway? lol

    blessings to you

  • Twinsoul, I need your insight please.

    I heard that my exboyfriend went to court/mediation today for the Sexual Harrassment case.

    Can you tell me how things went for him today in this matter? Also, is he now learning more and more about this woman's deceitful character?

  • pilot007

    poor guy , it is going to cost him some money, but nothing terrible. that woman is a #####, yakes all kinds


  • Hello Twinsoul. If you have time, I woul like to know if my finances will improve.

    Thank you.

  • Good Morning darling! I'm getting ready to sign a modification deal again, is this a good move?

    Blessings, Peace, Love n Light.

  • Hello Twinsoul, if you are still actively busy on this thread could you tell me whether I will change jobs soon? or when?

    Love and Light.

  • Good Day Twinsoul,

    I would love to know if I will be getting back together with my ex-boyfriend. Thank you very much for any insight you can provide.

  • hey twinsoul. hope you're doing well.

    I would love to know whether my friendship with my long-haired Libra friend will ever be more than just friendship.

  • hey twinsoul, i think me and alicia keys are soul mates ! am i wrong ?

  • Good afternoon Twinsoul,

    If you are still doing readings I would really appreciate a bit of insight. I am in a rut, and its getting harder for me to see, usually I am kind of guided by dreams and intuition. I do feel like its about time to gear up and for the life of me I can not get any info on the direction I should be going. I do realize maybe I should just continue learning, its just that there are so many amazing things to study out there I would just like to narrow it down a bit, as I seem to be getting more scattered as I go. I do hope this makes sense :). Many blessings Twinsoul, this is a great service you are doing here. Peace 🙂 GJay

  • Am I suppose to be with the Capricorn?

  • I'm sorry, that looked so rude! I was running out the door to get hte kids from school and I submitted it toooo soon! My apologies! Thank you so much for using your gift to help people. I think it's amazing! :0)

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