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  • Dear Twinsoul

    can you ask if steve is the biological father of my son born on 415/07? I am so sorry for this mess. That is what I really want to know.I will never ask u another question or come under this post again. I really screwed up my original question up and made a big mess with people screen names and I am sorry.

  • Hi twinsoul!

    Thank you for this oppurtunity. I would love to know: do you see me having any more children at some point? Many blessings!

    • Forsui9:)

  • Oh my Twinsoul!! You have freaked me out on that answer. Saudi, you couldn't be more spot on if you knew me!!! WOWWW!!!!!!!!!! Thank you muchly for your fab answer.

  • Thanks, so much, Joel hmmm! Thanks for you do, Many Blessings darling! šŸ™‚

  • Twinsoul,thank you for your guidance! Please if you can tell me what food is medicine for me and what i should avoid,I will be very grateful.

    Love and Light

  • emergence

    so sorry i did answer, many pages ago...i see nothing extraordinary. normal life for you. enjoy it


  • jscarot

    dont think so. however get a dna test


  • forsui

    yes i do


  • surayama

    make food much less important in your life. no wheat, no sugar, no meat , no dairy, no soy. become the bottom weight in your weight category. blessings

  • addicted to riches

    yes , go after your dream you will be successful work hard hard hard and you will make it big.


  • God bless you Twinsoul!Many thanks and hugs...

    Love and light

  • mandysfun

    yes you will, but i dont think thats what you really want for your life. be careful what you wish for ...


  • Thanks Twinsoul

    Just wondering if I will get a long-term commitment from Gabriel

  • Hi Twinsoul,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I really appreciate it.

    Bless you.

  • Hello twinsoul,

    I'm sorry for my late reply thanking you for your response to my question of "will I ever be able to buy my own home" I have only just found the page it was on..............

    and bless you, you gave me glimmer of hope by telling me..

    "hopeeternal of course you will have your own home"


    Please forgive me for asking yet another question on this, but I just wanted to clarify the answer being, will I have the means one day to actually be able to purchase a home for myself, not to have to carry on living in council rented? to be able to live in a home where I will be content, happy and fear free!!!......twinsoul I am 58 yrs old and I really thought I was destined to never have the feeling of choosing my own home....this has really given me so much hope if I will have the means to buy one, I am struggling coping with stairs and would love to buy a little Bungalow in a nicer Area......the energy and atmosphere around me where I live now is very oppressive and draining.....

    Oooops...sorry for going on and on!!

    Much Love and Joy to you twinsoul



  • debijio

    yes you will. however stop being so available . let him miss you a bit ok


  • hopeternal

    There are many ways to make much more money than you have. rise above your physical conditions and work, work, work


  • Thank You twinsoul, I will certainly try to rise above this!!!....

    SO much love and Joy to you twinsoul, I have such a lot of respect for you....

    many blessings to you too!!



  • twinsoul,

    steve's birthdate is not 11/19/82. I don't know if you used that or not or how u do what you do. I originally posted my question about steve under here awhile ago with his dob which is 3/27/78. I'm not sure if the answer was for me or not bc u didn't state the screen name but it said yes, he is the dad. I know u say to get a test which i can't get till next year. since i wasn't sure if you responded to me, I decided to ask again and gave u my ex's dob of 11/19/82, the other potential person. so could u please explain?



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