A gift for you

  • Please advise, should I move and share my life with Steve Eccles?

  • Thank you twinsoul for the reading. Sometimes we just don't want to listen to what our gut is saying, and need to see it in black and white. Thank you the honesty, it may not be what I wanted to hear, but it is what I needed to hear.



  • If what the Psychic said about coming from a long line of magic workers was correct and if so why haven't i seen it in my family?

  • magicsouldream

    i cannot respond to another psychics vision concerning your family line. however i do believe that you do have good intuition and should expand on this gift. blessings

  • azsparkle

    hmmmmm listen to your fear id like to hear about your hesitation my sence is that he is a really kind and honest person you are doubing your love tell me more

  • hi stoneye

    you need to stop worrying i sense that fortune abounds in your life this year was a big goober for most of us so many changes astrologically, spiritually, emotionally due to sour economics. you are fine you will get married you will have children blessings

  • blacknblonde

    i am sorry i dont understand what you want to know please rephrase

  • emergence

    hi there i see your life as being joyous you are surrounded by people who love to laugh and have a good time there are many people who love you dearly you are a very lucky person. your finances will depend on you. you are intelligent and industrious go for it you will succede . the next two years will be a time of growth for you. blessings

  • reselience

    yes good luck

  • alenabrz

    try me around good friday blessings

  • Twinsoul,

    Hi...I think my reply got lost in your overwhelming responses...lol

    I know (and I am soo thankful you saw me becoming an author) you mentioned gardening in my book....My book "JADE" that is with the editors now has two girls doing some yard work for one of the girls parents...would this be it?

    Thanks sooo much!

    Molly 5/8/72

  • Thank you so much Twinsoul! xx

  • will I have my wish

  • Twinsoul,

    thank you so much for your insights on my financial / career matters 🙂

    anything you may / can add on my love life or should I ask again some other time?

    Thanks for being here and offering your kindness to all of us!

  • Dear Twinsoul,

    Can I stretch our friendship by being so bold as to ask another question please?

    I seem to have been in a roller-coaster ride of emotional/financial mayhem for a good few years now.

    Although I have matured a lot spiritually during this tumultuous time, I really have had enough and long for stability on all fronts. Although I have struggled to maintain equilibrium, sometimes I'm not sure how much longer I can keep going and not just toss in the towel, even though this is not what I wish to do, and having my 11yo daughter certainly is reason to battle on.

    I would greatly appreciate an indication of how much longer I will have to struggle before my life will become a little easier - financial stability is like most, a concern, and also am I wise to continue seeking work within the school system as I have done for the past 7+ years?

    You have previously indicated that come Oct/Nov I will 'connect' with my life partner. This is a relief. If possible, please advise me as to what area he will manifest - through work, friends, chance meeting, my permaculture course, naturopathy studies or some other way that I can't imagine as yet?

    I'm sorry for being so long winded and I know so many new ones need your help too. I've just got to the stage where I Need some reassurance that it will be okay, really soon to give me that little extra boost to keep going.

    Thanking you in advance for the kindness you are extending in helping everyone breath a little easier,


  • dear ajahny

    the bottom line answer to your question is yes however the situation is so full of twists and hurts that i am seeing you bound by black straps criscrossed all over your body ( this is in no way meant to imply anything fresh ) please write to me and give me more insight into this web youve gotten yourself into so that we may straighten it out. K

    yes its been a very difficult for me and him he is confused and i'm frustrated then he slap me with the divorce...but calls me and tell me he misses me...i love him with all my heart but its hard to understand the heart of a Virgo man....

  • Thank you Twin soul!!!

    Could I also ask about my love life? I feel very lonely and want to meet my lifemate/soulmate... Although I feel I have already met him, but he is not available... so will I meet someone else soon? Any timeframe that pope ut?

    thanks, hope to hear from you!

    My DOB 4 jan 1979

  • mollykathleen

    sweetie all i keep seeing is flowers maybe that is the sequel they areshowing me anything else. good luck dear


  • sexygem

    i got 2 answers for you. if your wish is piles of money from a lottery win, sorry not this year.....

    if it is about a person. yes, that wish is fulfilled .

  • emergence

    hi in three years you will begin a lovely family


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