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  • Twinsoul,

    I was lucky enough to get an answer from you to one of my questions. Could you shed some light on the situation I am in now, please? I'm not sure if what I did was right. Did I hurt him? I don't want him to disappear from my life but I'm afraid this is what will happen soon.

  • too quick in judgmental thoughts twinsoul,

    if I used him or he used me you don't know this. but I never use people in my awareness. and I am thankful to myself for that.

    I can't write you a whole life time story, however you're far away from the truth. just loosen yourself up because things are not black and white as you see them. there is grayish in between you should read mostly.

    I don't need your answer either of course.

  • this is funny world:

    twinsoul you write to a post of yours this:

    I met Chaldean 3 years ago . I hired him over the phone to paint my house. The minute i looked at him he smiled and said" i know you ". I knew him too. We acertained that it had to be a past life as we know none of the same people, our children are years apart,etc. As the time passed we both realised that we have so much in common that it its frightening. To the point that our favorite joke happened to be the same one. We can and have spoken endlessly on every topic , he i s also a clairvoiant extroidnare and a reiki master. He says that having someone so close to his soul can be unnerving, and yes it is.

    We visit often, no physical relationship as we are both married to people we dont care for, but respect the promises made in that union.

    In october he had a terrible accident and broke his neck. He is mending, has just gone back to work part time and now is in florida visiting relatives with his family.

    I am confused about the future of this relationship, because if he extended his hand to me and said" let's go and never look back,"

    I would I need guidance from a pro, as my peers say that he and I are it for eachother. Is this true? When? and with what struggles ahead him 2/2 me sag 12/6

    Thanking you in advance namaste


    so you say-- " we are both married to people we dont care for, but respect the promises made in that union"

    and you are judging me??? OMG!! absurd

    you are saying that you don't care for your husband but you accept to live a fake life.

    And I am saying, I don't love my husband, but I care for him and that is why I am dragging for so long my separation so not to hurt him. And he knows it. and that is why he loves me.

    because I CARE FOR PEOPLE!!

    but I get my lessons too as all we do.

    that is so bad of you to be in a worst situation than me and daring to judge me, while I am not here to get layers, but God Lights. and you are wrongly one.

  • correct: I am not here to get lawyers, but God Lights. and you can't do that well

  • we are in this life not to correct others, because you can't. but you can help them to move on. and if you offer a gift, give it, don't screw it!

  • Twinsoul,

    Don't know if I am late or not, if I am please disregard. Could you tell me if I am to reunite with the person I still have in my heart despite the circumstances, or do I just move on. ?


  • Thank you, Twinsoul:)

  • brick you protest too much ask an astrologer for help

  • brick

    what is the answer that you seek you will leave your husband but not for this guy my point is that your husband does love you why dont you tell him the truthand move on that was my only point also the story about a painter was my sister she somtimes asks questions on my account sorry to disappoint you i am single

  • I was not going to write you back again, but your response wants feedbacks because you need some of the gray in between the black and white so to see better.

    how do you know i haven't tell him that I don't love him. as many times he has asked me if I loved him.

    just a month ago I told him I am in love with someone else, and want separation. But he just don't want to believe in the truth and wants only to have me. he uses all the argument reasons and manipulations to change topic and direction.

    You can't disappoint me by the way. I hold no attachments and no enemies to fight with. I have learned to let things slide by me and live humbly

  • dear brick,

    Upon putting yourself out there, you open yourself to hear things that may not be pleasing to the ear. It is not fair to jump all over the one you sought advice from like that and it makes it look like to others what was said is true bc of how quick you were to react. Some people don't have candor and you what ever the response is, you opened the door and asked for it . People aren't going to always say what you like. You are misdirecting your feelings at someone who is trying to help you and you asked them to help. Obviously it hit a nerve and its something you don't want to face or deal with right now based on your post, a truth you don't like. Maybe you shouldn't ask if you aren't ready to hear a truth that fits your need. I normally these days keep my opinions to myself, but I think this is one time it is warranted and I am opening up my own mouth. But i am going to one time anyway: you were rude and should apologize. I read the rest of the posts that went along with. And, yeah, I know , I should MMODB and will do my part to do that in the future .

  • Dear twinsoul,

    Thank you for being kind and generous with every soul on here, and thank you for your honesty. I find it refreshing. I also think that it is wonderful that you set aside time to help people that you will never probably meet, for FREE, and give of your own energy, for FREE, and help people when you could be doing tens of thousands of other things with your time then be on some website trying to help all of us by connecting with your guides. Thank you for being SELFLESS, and I hope a lot of good karma and blessings come your way hun!!!!:)

  • well said ckdgh703

    but you're off off offfffffffff

    good try though. keep it up!

  • dear brick

    so your husband knows you dont love him and are in love with someone else, and he still wants you. this story is so sad. i know that this is the wrong forum for me to discuss my day job, however......

    this entire situation, your attitude, your dissatisfaction with your life, your husbands' dependence on you... this is more than psychic fare please get help from a professional. an astrologer or psychic cannot help you as you are the captain of your ship. sorry dear it's the titanic. you must learn how to make correct decisions for yourself. your husband also needs help concerning his want to be with someone who doesnt love him. no matter what else you offer him, this should not be ok with him. i am sorry all the good we try to do here didnt fulfill your need to hear what you wanted to be told. that happens sometimes. be careful of what you ask an anonymous psychic.... please do not write to me again you are taking my time away from Good and Honest people who need real guidance. may the lord bless you

  • Hugs for your Twinsoul ! I just felt compelled to give you one :O)

    Have a Awesome Day !

  • ckdgh

    how sweet of you to come to my defense. all is well sometimes people need someone to yell at anonymously what better place than a psychic forum

    it is my pleasure to help those who seek my guides' advice. thank you for sending me love and blessings, that means more to me than anything. Namaste blessings and love ts

  • Hello Twin soul ,

    Just wondering if there is any hope for my marriage to reconcile...Thanks and blessing!!!

  • dear ajahny

    the bottom line answer to your question is yes however the situation is so full of twists and hurts that i am seeing you bound by black straps criscrossed all over your body ( this is in no way meant to imply anything fresh ) please write to me and give me more insight into this web youve gotten yourself into so that we may straighten it out. K

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi brick1. I understand you. I have an even more crazy story - but I dont tell it, because it sounds so strange to the logic. Life is complicated and not black and white. Sometimes unlogical things happen and are done and it still makes sense. Talking about my own story now. Just know that I understand.

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