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  • Thanks for your kind words...he did say that he would rather tell me now...rather than 3 months from now...seems to think that he is looking out for my best interests....

    I have been pondering all day...I think...he is looking for perfection...which doesn't exist...and until he can leave a little bit of sense behind...and follow his emotions..well.I think he is going to be stuck in the same place for a good long while....at least he had the courtesy to call...instead of just vanishing...like so many men seem to do...

    Oh welll...will just have to see what life brings next...they say no pain no gain when they are talking about physical exercise...but I think it applies to the mind and soul and emotions as well...

    Your words truly helped on a very lonely day...

    Peace and Love...tiggersmom6

  • Six Figures!!! WOW!

    Twin Soul, What new career do you see me going into? I am trying to figure out what I should go back to school for.

    Also, do you see my exboyfriend sitting me down and finally talking to me this year? If Yes, in what month?

    Exboyfriend: 06-30-50

    Myself: 04-21-73

    Thanks In Advance

  • Thank you very much Twin Soul, I'm going to the doctor next week and was hopeful for some pain relief. I can't stay in the bed all the time, need to get up and do things. Bless you.

  • pilot something mechanical dont know about guy you can talk to him any time you want you sure you want this? nite and blessings of love

  • tiggersmom

    youare tangeled in nhis neurotic web imagine yourself cutting and pulling the web off of you roll it up and bury it deep in the ground these types of critical people are toxic yuck yuck yuck


  • good night all it was a pleasure namaste and blessings from home


  • thank you very much for your answer.. I do have more questions..like what is my 'huge' potential in? I just don't feel it these days. I know that I need to find that first (now that you mention it 🙂 )

  • This post is deleted!

  • twinsoul,

    I'm glad there is some hope. a pity there are some conditions to fulfill and 'trusting in your soul beauty' is not an easy task.:-) Thank you twinsoul!

  • lola you will be successful you already are use it and go for it i see you owning your own business good luck

  • twinsoul,

    what do you see in general for me and my love life. 10-22-69

  • Is Chris engaged??

  • Are my friends friends lying to me about him being engaged??

    Me:15/05/1974 9.50am Wednesday Liverpool NSW Australia.Currently living in Macquarie Fields

    Him: 25/01/1974 he currently lives in Leumeah NSW Australia.

    twinsoul I really need your help on this as this has been effecting me mentally and physically.

    Thank u

  • Thanks, Twinsoul.

    I knew with everyone throwing questions at you it'd be easy to lose track. The prediction confirms tarot readings I've been monitoring since April/May of last year. It also falls in line with some side "work" I recently started to do for fun . Who knows what all will happen ;D

  • Will my present relationship with a Virgo ever lead to something solid? Any future together? Thank you!

  • will ex boyfriend ad i reconnect again.. mine 10 22 69 his 11 02 71

  • This post is deleted!

  • thank you:) I was doing ok till I got hurt at work ( my back). Never should have moved back home:( Nothing here for me, not even support. Trying to get away & start back up:)

    Love & Peace


  • twinsoal

    I was wondering if you could ask if tiade is the man for me? I feel a real feel a connection to him. I also want to know if I will be sucessessful in my new endevors?

  • libralady

    eh not so much going on around you for now sorry 2011 will be better

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