My spirit guide?

  • I think I have a spirit guide as I've felt a distinct female presence since I was about 9 or 10 years old. This presence seemed to disappear for several years and then reappeared when I was an adult. She seemed re-appear right around the time I started dating my now husband (if that means anything).

    My questions are: was the presence I felt in my childhood the same spirit? Do I even have a spirit guide or am I completely off-base? If I do, can anyone describe her to me (or maybe he's a male and I'm completely out of touch)? I have my own imaginings, but I don't trust my mind as it's very active and can easily play tricks on me! I think I might even know her name, but I read something once that spirit guides tend not to give out their name because it can become too much of an obsessive focus. Interestingly, I did tend to obsess about the name for awhile and it even became a catalyst for a fictional story I had developed. I still think of the name often. Finally, if I do have a spirit guide, WHY do I have one (or perhaps everyone has one)?

    Any insight would be appreciated.

  • yes it is the same spirit. they are one and the same. a grandmother. she is a familiar spirit. everyone also has a spirit guide. they just have to be open to listening to them. she never went away. you just did.

    what is going on with the upper back?

  • My upper back? Could you explain a bit more because it could be one of two things?

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