An astrological reading please sag/aqu

  • hi im 12/6/56 ( shhhh) lol born new york city at the stroke of midnight

    he 2/2/66 11 48 pm bronx, new york

    whats up with health for 2/2/66 whats up with feelings for me

    would love a mate to spend the rest of my years with in quiet spiritual/ intellectual discourse, mutual love and respect. is it in my contract

  • please do a reading for me

  • Hello Twinsoul. I don't have a reading for you, just thought it was funny to see a forum on a Sag .and an Aquarian. I am a Aquarian and my husband is the Sag. We have been together for 32 wonderful years. Hope that makes you feel a little bit better. Good luck on your reading!!!


  • how sweet thank you

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