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  • Dear The Capgtain,

    I would like your opinion on my current situation.

    My husband and soulmate, Keith had suddenly passed away in September 2009. I have been trying to deal with his passing but my daughter ( my husband's stepdaughter ) has been spreading not so nice rumors about Keith among our family.I have two questions that need to be answered.

    Question#1 How can I stop my daughter's evil behavior because it is affecting my healing process.

    Question#2 A year before my husband passed I consulted an astrologer and told me I would go overseas. If this is so would this be the place where I would find solitude from the stress of my daughter and the healing of my broken heart?


  • Answer #1, have you sat your daughter down and talked over why she is behaving this way? I am getting she is feeling very hurt and abandoned by his death.

    Answer #2, I am getting Italy for you and it would indeed be very healing.

  • Dear The Captain,

    Thank you for the response. For Question#1 To put it bluntly, I disagree with your findings my daughter which is a daughter from a previous she is a stepdaughter to my husband. You must understand that during my entire marriage my daughter manipulated both my husband and I to the point we almost got a divorce. Both my husband and I took her plus two other kids to see a family therapist and psychiatrist and nothing worked because she was arrogant and vile then as she is now. She strongly dislike my husband until the very day he passed away. Even her own daughter which is my granddaughter loved my husband to the end of the earth. Well the close relationship just ate up my daughter inside and out.

    But for the second question you gave me a renew spirit and I can not wait to start my new journey.


  • Rooster5, you gotta release that terrible hatred I can feel coming off you for this woman. No wonder you cannot heal. Why do you care what she says about your husband anyway? Unless you fear some of the things might be true? You need to be really honest with yourself here.

  • Also, what was the cause of three children all having to see therapists?

  • Dear The Captain,

    The whole family had to see the therapist because of the older daughter did not want to listen or abide by the house rules set up by my husband and I.

    I felt bad that my youngest daughter missed all of her after school activities...such as intramural sports because we had to go to the family therapists.

    Sometimes my older daughter would not even show up for the family therapy instead should would hang out with her friends.


  • Dear The Captain,

    My oldest daughter is spreading rumors and lies about my husband and tarnishing his memory. I have tried different therapy and therapists with her, turned our family schedule upside down to accommodate her, and put up with her foul mouth and language.

    I say enough is enough


  • Make sure you resolve all your issues here before escaping to another country or you will take it all with you. Bad feelings are not fixed with more bad feeling. Someone here will have to be the better person.

  • Dear The Captain,

    I understand what you are saying but I had tried everything possible to correct the situation as humanly as possible. The government community services even told me that she needs help...but the old saying " you can bring a horse to the trough but you can not make it drink the water". This is where she is at and she must realize to accept the help. Until that time comes no one can help her only she can make that first step.


  • Without forgiveness, healing is impossible.

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