Hans can you help me with this dream please

  • Dear Hans

    I wondered if you could give me some help with this dream please. Last night I dreamt I was looking after a good friends child. I saw him climb on the banister and I shouted NO to him but he jumped off laughing and went hurtling down three stories. I anxiously looked down expecting him to be dead or horribly injured but he was up and walking. I called his mum and she came round and on closer inspection the boy had broken his leg.

    I called an ambulance and had great difficulty making myself understood but eventually came taking boy and mother off (the mother was really cross now) Some friends then came round and we were talking about my husbands affair. We were cooking too and one woman put lots of frozen things in the oven rather than the freezer. The police then came to talk to me aboutt he accident with the boy; whilst showig them round the house I tried to squeeze through a very small gap to get up the stairs but couldnt and had to take a very precarious route up instead.

    When they had gone I had to go out on foot and kept seeing people who were talking about my husbands affair; i heard the woman had left and got a job elsewhere but she kept popping back. I went into the shop where my husband works. I was searching through the streets for the woman.

    When it was dark and I was back at home someone called round expecting me to be ready to go out but she had some too early so I made her go away. I cant rememeber any more but I woke absolutely drenched in sweat.

    Sorry its a lot but it feels very significant and yet I cant see the message




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  • Giving this to Hans now. I see he is active in the forum at the moment. Perhaps he will answer.

  • Thank u thehanged woman



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