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  • Hello im looking for a free love reading I know of a relationship that is not right. It's confusing at this time. Captain if possible could you do a love reading for this? The birthdates are May 8, 1964 for her (female homewrecker 1 of them) and his is March 18, 1958. There are lots of lies as well as disception and other things that just dont make sense. Why don't he just tell his partner the truth and go his own way...or is this what he's working on ( leaving) can you please help give some insight on this?

    Thank you


  • This relationship stimulates extroversion, and indeed its focus may well be a fascination with performance, whether as participants or as an audience. A melding of interests in music, dance, threatre and design is often prominent here. The relationship may be known for its aesthetic orientation in its immediate environment, and can even reach a wider circle, perhaps by mounting stage productions or supervising activities of artistic interest.

    IN a love affair or marriage, a balance must be struck between intimacy, quiet, contemplation, and extroversion. The passionate Taurus may at times may a bit threatening to mild Pisces, who however is quite capable of matching his partner's sensuousness on a regular basis. They may diverge when Taurus takes a frank and uncompromising approach to the relationship, eschewing emotional sympathy and romance - essential qualities to many Pisces. Independent Taurus will also be unwilling or unable to satisfy the Pisces' need to be needed.

    Taurus here tends to cultivate a teacher-student type of relationship in her romantic life. Her fondness for asserting her opinion and her rather demanding and authoritarian style will irk the more sensitive Pisces man after a while, although he was intially attracted to her seeming knowledge and poise. The Taurus woman has a problem showing and giving out emotion and lacks the tenderness that Pisces craves. The Pisces man can lack awareness even though he has great charm and charisma. He has a tendency to use others and be very shallow in his perceptions and interactions with others. He will often throw up a smoke screen to disguise his own inadequacies. Cultivating some humility will be beneficial to him.

    The prospects for this relationship look to be short term only.

  • Thanks Captain for your insight on this the guy is married anyway she needs to get a man of her own..

  • captain, first i want to thank you for the "super power" guide. I have been trapped in a love triangle as the mediator between two people and have done a reading but also want to see if my astro assessment lines up with another proffesional? if you can if not i understand i will gaive you the dates: guy 8/28/1985 girl 6/28/1987, the relation i believe was initiated under a emotional fog, sex.

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