What now?

  • about a year ago I had a psychic reading and was told I had some strong abilities. I started playing around with them and made a little progress but now I'm a little stuck. There are circumstances in my life making me feel stuck along with a lot of fear and even disbelief in the whole idea of psychic phenomena. BUT I can't seem to get the idea out of my head! Now what?

  • i feel the same way. i know i have psychic abilities and it is mentally draining for me to know what another person is thinking all the time and to carry that around with me...i feel 4 u girlfriend. I feel that I will never experience true love & romance because of the cheat factor in my history & dealing w/the others; i will be alone the rest of my life. He will always come & go, but i will live alone, sleep alone, eat alone, travel alone. I think its for the best when he has nothing to offer me because he is selfish & unthoughtful; also when all we do when we are together is get on each others' last nerves, we should stay apart...4ever.

  • Luckily for me I odn't know what other people are thinking. I just sort of know things about people and situations. Its not that mentally draining. Its just a little confusing at times. Although I do think I'm sensitive to the energy of others and pick those up and carry them around. That drains me.

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