Out of fear - i never tried to find out or discover this - what do you think?

  • I was at a bar one evening, and this lady was sitting next to me, and we talked for a while and she told me that she does readings, and that she touches personal items of the person requesting the reading. I didn't want that and she didn't offer, she was relaxing. But she said that she could also see Guardian angels, well she said that one was there with me and she told me what she was wearing, a blue suit with big brown buttons and that she had white hair, i don't know if a person is supposed to know their angels or not, but i didn't recognize who she described. She didn't really make anymore eye contact with me after that, was it a bad angel around me or something?

    I lost my mom (erma) in june 2003 and thought that she would be my guardian. Can anyone tell me if they see or have a message from my guardian angels or spirit guides for me? my birthdate is 10-4-1972 (rayeshon); I never ever feel alone ever, since i was younger i always felt different (protected), and at times i feel the need to tell people things that i don't know how i knew. Out of fear, i never tried to find out or discover this.

  • You will get answers soon, trust me and good luck!

  • thank you!!

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  • THANKS poetic lololol

  • Hi poetic and Rock, I was wondering if either if you might be able to tell me when I might be meeting someone to share my future with. I would enjoy some adult companionship after being alone for nearly two years and now with my divorce finalized...I am just wondering when and maybe where I will find someone to be close with again?

    Thank you for your time,


    p.s. my d.o.b. is 4-11-80 if that heps any. 🙂

  • Im sorry hobbles, but this is a thread that I started asking for help. Im sorry that I am not clairvoyant, and I cannot give the information that you desire. I hope that you do find happiness. I have prayed for you, many blessings.

  • Rock71,

    Thank you so much! You are very kind! 🙂 I hope you find your answers as well...Just a little about the one Sag guy I dated a while ago, He was a little difficult to read as well...He said he didn't want to play games, but basically that is all he did...I hope your Sag is a little more mature and learns that he has a diamond in the rough waiting for him if he would only realize it! Best of luck! 🙂

    Lots of love,


  • Oops, Sorry, I have read some of your other threads and just realized this was not the thread you talked about this on...Sorry...but best of luck! 🙂


  • No problem at all thank you Hobbles and the same to you. I am moving on, I miss my friend dearly but I have accepted that this was not meant for he and I. When we do meet or speak again, the thought of a more intimate relationship will not cross my mind no matter what.

  • You are so very welcome and BUMP...Hopefully this will get you some help on this situation...BUMP! 🙂

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