Just freaked myself out w/ a self reading

  • My mother bought me tarot cards about 8 years ago saying she thought I had a gift. About a year ago I had a psychic reading and was told that I was stongly psychic. I've been playign around with it for a little while and also remembering a lot of things I overlooked in my past that could be related.

    Well I picked up the cards that had been gathering dust on my bookshelf for years now and decided to give myself a celtic cross spread. I didn't even know what half the cards meant. i had to look them up. It was so freakishly accurate that it kind of scared me.

    How do I know that I'm not just reading into things and making them fit?

  • I thought I should maybe add in the cards I chose for the spread:

    1. current circumstances - 2 of pentacles reversed

    2. current influences - 8 of cups

    3. Future influences Page of Cups reversed

    4. Future events - Chariot reversed

    5. Past influences - 8 wands

    6. Past events - 10 pentacles reversed

    7. my feelings - Emperor reversed

    8. Outside influences - Strength reversed

    9. my hopes and fears - hermit reversed

    10. outcome - the devil

    I was literally in tears when trying to decipher the reading

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