To The Captain - Where do I go from here ...

  • Hello Captain ,

    Well over the last while I have been getting some very good insight from you and have come to trust your advice . As of yesterday , I suddenly felt like I am at a stand still . Maybe it was that I have taken a comment from another person to heart . They had said that I did not t believe in Spirit Guides .,when in fact I most certainly do . (I was just asking them If they would be able to tell me who my Spirits Guides were.) Anyway , Now I feel empty , and I am second guessing myself as to whether I actually do have all the abilities of being Clairvoyant and a seer /healer for people .When before , I was so very excited . Maybe it was all just wishful thinking on my part.

    This is something I really want to do , I love to help people and find great Joy in doing so . Maybe that statement has nothing to do with all of that . But I was thinking to myself that well ,If I don't believe in Spirit Guides as they say , then I certainly can't and won't be any of the of the things mentioned above . :O(

    I am so confused . Just when I thought I had found my life's Path , I have all of sudden fallen off it it , or have I ? I feel empty inside . As dramatic as that sounds . Maybe I am just feeling lost about everything in general and this just added to all the confusion and mind chatter I have going on in my head .

    I have a over abundance of mind chatter alllllll the time , that it can get very exhausting to me , to the point I have to tell myself to stop,stop ,stop . I actually will have conversation in my mind about things with myself and other people . I guess the only good part about that is that I am not talking to myself and others out loud . That's when you know your have really lost it lol ...funny ..but not huh .(You know what people say about people who talk to them selves ) :O) But this is how I work things out sometimes , as stupid as it may all sound . I actually think I am loosing it lol .

    My Grandmother use to do that , and I would always wonder what or who she was talking to . She use to sit at her kitchen window and be looking outside and I could hear her whispering either to herself or someone else . God Bless Her . She lived into her 90's and was a sharp as a tack . Maybe she did the same as I do . Well , I guess I should quit my rambling . What are your thoughts on all of this , if any . I know it all come down to having the will to connect to things you want . I do get that . I just I feel many road blocks in front of me , and unsure of ways to barrel threw them .

    I am sorry this is so long ,

    Have a great day !

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Oh, I can feel all that chatter in your head - now wonder you get confused and mix up messages, as is the case with the answer about your guides. You overthink and over analyse everything to the point where all meaning is lost. You need to get a lot of that stuff out of your head.

    I recommend you get a journal or notepad and start writing down everything that comes into your mind - keep it with you to scribble down any random thoughts. It doesn't matter if some of it doesn't make sense - just clear out that head of yours like you would a cluttered room. You don't need all the junk in there but some of it is going to be very useful to you for your growth. Writing it all down - and don't hold anything back, even or especially things that make you feel uncomfortable, you are the only one who will see this journal - will help you sort out the trash from the treasure.

  • I would soooooo love to have a Journal Captain , that is somethings I have always wanted to do and thought about doing many times , but I know it wouldn't be my own , I would not trust anyone not to stick there nose into it and read my thoughts and feelings . I know it would only end up being a source of anxiety for me .

    So , I guess I will have to come up with another idea . Would you believe I thought of keeping a journal in my mind . Ugh! I go again lol . How lame was that!

    Doves ^A^

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