Piscean females & promiscuity

  • With attachment to Piscean women , either in dating or through marriage , YOU are in for massive promiscuity , lies , fickleness , and the total lack of reliability or trustworthyness .

    Good luck ---- if you can handle it !

  • he who points the finger is guilty....

  • You sound like you've been hurt, and for that I am sorry. However, I am a Pisces woman, and was married for 19 years to a promiscuis Libra. He's the one that strayed, not I. I was devoted to our family and to him. I try to live in a way that honors my spirit, as well as the spirit of those who cross my path. Integrity is a way of life for me. We all have the choice to live in integrity or not. Promiscuity might be a shadow tendency of Pisces (male and female), but we can choose to live in light, not our shadows. Don't cross Pisces off for good, you could miss knowing one of the loveliest souls on the planet.

  • I can only wish you find someone that is truthful and devoted to you

    I know how you feel. I've been hurt before too but I kept on going and found my Cap hubby.

    He's been through quite a few bumps too, and these women were Geminis.

    In my case, I've met more Libra cheaters than other signs. I did meet one Scorp, one Sag and a few Aries (I think) cheaters if anything.

    So maybe in your case it's Pisces, in mine it's Libra and in hubby's case it's Gemini.

    In our case though, hubby and I found each other and we happen to be not that particular sign to avoid. So we don't get to meet anyone that can proof otherwise.

    But let's say you are single now and you do meet a devoted Pisces, are you going to avoid her too? I think that's a bit too soon.

  • I dated a Picses woman and she was lovely. I did not find her to be promiscuous. She was actually somewhat shy and demure. I liked that. But when aroused she was insatiable. I liked

    her a lot. So if I were you I would not close my mind to Piscean women based on one bad


  • Aint this calling the kettle black? U get one bad apple in ur barrel and u toss the whole barrel out. If we all did that what would the world come to?

    One sign cheats u and u condem all else of the same sign to hell.

    One messes up and u want all other pisces women to pay for what she did.

    How is that fair? What if we was to say, we saw this guy on this site on this thread, pissed off his block, maybe rightfully so, but holy he crapped us all to hell bc of one bad dame of our sign. fellow ladies pisces take a wide berth around this bitter guy, you´ll wind up regretting taking pity on him. he´ll have u scrub floors, cook go to church every day , pregnant every year, hell he´ll pull u back to the dark ages.

    See? it can go both ways.

    Oh and what if the next lady u meet aint a pisces but say an aries or gemini? n they cheat more than ur ex pisces gal did. Are ya gonna toss all those out as well?

    Further how do u not know it was something in ur behavior toward her that forced her to b promiscuous? Aleways easy to point the finger n go she did it, she said she did.



    PS : i get ur pain n hurt but i also find it wrong u to smack each n ever single female pisces in that hole with ur ex. that aint no fair.

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