Can anyone do a reading for me?

  • So - I've been married for 5 years. I do not love my husband. I've recently fallen in love with another married man. I've tried to fight my attraction to this man. I've argued with myself. Told myself its not for any real reason its simply because I'm lonely and looking for someone to be interested in but I can't make the attraction go away. Its faded somewhat compared to its initial intensity but I stil can't seem to shake it. There are times that I feel this other man has mutal feelings and then there are times when I think its all in my head because I want him to have mutual feelings. So far our relationship has been VERY innocent and I plan to keep it that way because I don't feel comfortable being attracted to a married man while I'm married!! I do not think my own marriage will last much longer but I still don't feel right.

    What is really going on with me? Why am I fixating on men I can't have? Before this I have a pattern of fixating on men who were especially bad for me. Will I ever have a healthy relationship? and what will it take?

  • stop. quiet your mind. shh. tell the racing thoughts to shushhh. listen to that voice deep down inside yourself. as you do it will grow louder. shhhhh the racing thoughts. listen to inside yo inside yourself. if you are unhappy. then what can you do to change that. it is natural to become atracted to other men . especially after that loud POP! its the soumd of the realization that this is your life. thats all it is? yes its your life. and it is what you make of it. The POP usually occurs around 5-10 years when we have become to comfortable in our lives. marriage is a choice to love someone come hell or highwater. love or no love. I am not against divorce, i just want to be clear that the "in love" feelings do fade into a more substantial appreciative realistic concept of love.have you lost yourself? are you still just as active and lively as you were when you were dating your current husband? my guess would be no. so then what has happened? the answer will be in what you do. no matter who you are with and who you date. you have to have a firm grip on who you are. fantasy men are great, buy some personal toys! if you are truly miserable than be honest with yourself and your husband. never do something you wouldnt want done to you. if this other man left his wifr for you what makes you think he wouldnt do it to you?

    stop. listen inside yourslf. meditate and pray.


  • Hi Happyfrog,

    Thanks for your response. My unhappiness w/ my marriage goes much deeper than the fading of the usual happy-go-lucky honey moon phase. He deceived me when we married. I did not know who he really was. I've slowly found out over 5 years and tried to accept the decptions. There are more than deceptions. He is extremely controling and emotionally abusive. There are times when I'm so confused I start to believe the vile stuff that comes out of his mouth. I am not a flighty person. I don't give up without trying over and over and over but how long can one person try? It takes two to make a relationship work and the last I checked I'm just one person.

    I don't want my fantasy man to leave his wife for me. I don't want to BE with him. I just want to stop obsession over him. I can see the reality of where the feelings are coming from - from a place of disatisfaction but I just can't seem to make them go away. I have not acted on them nor do I plan on acting on them. The only thing that really gets me to snap out of my obsession is to remember that he has a very sweet and caring wife.

    I thank you for your advice and its the type of advice I'd give any of my friends in such situations. While I don't think I'm "special". I do think my situation is a little more than the marriage has lost its luster and gotten to comfortable. If anything its uncomfortable enough to make me want to jump out of my skin.

  • anyone else want to take a stab at a reading?

  • you ae not alone, you are never alone!

    so then you have to sit down with yourself and make a plan.

    you have to decide how serious and controlling your husband IS and WILL try to be

    will it get physical, will he try to stop you or will he let you go.

    do not think i am naiive i have been there before

    i have had hands placed on me ib ways no woman should ever have to experience

    so before i left i prepared

    i researched state laws

    legal fees

    i saved for the ride out of the storm i lived in

    i still live with the fear that he will reappear somewhere when i am least expecting in

    no reading will tell you more than you all ready know inside yourself on topics such as this

    -love luck and the spirits be at your side everystep of the way

  • Hi Happyfrog

    I wonder if you see anything for me concerning my ex husband bd 12/23/55, & my bf bd 05/22/58. I have been told my ex wants to come back .

    Also do you see a marriage between my bf and me. My bd is 12/04/1959. Thankyou Happyfrog.

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