Need a reading, please

  • It seem I am going down hill at a faster speed then I can handle. I don't know how to turn things around, I am trying to help someone and I don't know if it's working, and I'm afraid I may have taken on to much. I don't know how it's going to change the outcome of my life and those around me. I need guidance, a lot of it.

    Thank-You and God Bless

  • there is a huge difference between helping and giving yourself away. you can help someone out of a jam but it seems to me that this situation has become the mainstay of your existance. It is definately time to pull back and restructure your life. your desire to be needed by this person has become an obsession of yours and will come to end without you getting what you want. please wean yourself away and look for love in a much healthier arena. please pull away all i sense is nervous energy around you desparation and lies, good luck blessings

  • Thank-You twinsoul, I appreciate the help and words, I am trying to help a family member, and am not looking for love, although it would be nice to have someone to spend time with. MY husband passed away two and a half years ago and it has been rough. I guess I won't find anyone else thou because we were so close. The family member is my grandson, he has had such a rough life and is still haveing a tough time of it. He is an adult, but the way he was raised has made him be what he is today. I do know there is more to him then he even knows.

    Thank-You and God Bless

  • my dear is your grandson seeking professional help for his problems i am sensing so many problems with him some are very serious... you cannot help him i believe that he is being very dishonest with you please dont do this alone,

    you and your husband were some adorable duo. go make some friends as a matter of fact another partner of the opposite sex is going to come into your life he will never fill your husbands shoes but he will be a darling friend. your husband is sending him to you. he would like for you to have someone to take care of his girl,

    best wishes

  • I believe you and that is something I am going to work on, professional help also. He has serious health issues also.

    I wish my husband would send me a message, I always have the feeling that he is trying to, but I can't get it. I do miss him. My living situation, in the country, in the winter, and being new to the area when he died, makes it almost impossible to make new friends or to meet anyone. I guess if I am to meet anyone to be a companion, he will have to fall in my door. I thank-you so much for taking your time, to answer me. You were right, we were an adorable duo, everyone said so. But things didn't turn out the way he said they would when he died.

    God Bless you

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