Why all at once?

  • I have almost ALWAYS been single. I have dated a few boys, but it never lasted long. So, at the age of 26, I decided it was time to put myself out there. I joined an online dating site and have been talking with a few guys and on the phone regularly with one (who lives 2 hours away). At the same time I have also met a guy through a friend, who I have gone on a date with (who also lives 2 hours away) AND another guy is showing interest that lives in my town. All three are nice guys and i'm still getting to know them. Why is this all happening at once? Are any of them going to turn out to be anything other than some dating experience? I read that love for a person born my birthday (december 12) will "be the biggest challenge in their life, they want it but resist it in every way"? Will I be dealing with this forever? Or will I someday find a person I can love?

  • Beerbowl, you're only 26. Live life to the fullest - why shouldn't you have three men on the go as long as you make it clear to them that they are not exclusive. Don't be trying to settle down before you've had some fun. Don't agonise over or overwork situations. Stop being afraid of people's disapproval and just do what you want to do.

    As to why it's all happening at once - because you opened yourself up to it and put yourself out there. To everyone who asks that question "Will I find love?" I always answer - "you will if you want to."

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