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  • Hi there, I seem to not be able to set goals. I have been thinking about certain things in my life that have affected me in certain ways and for one I was not ever taught to set goals, so trying to set them is painstakinyly hard Because of trauma in my whole entire life one terrible thing after another I stuffed things for years used drugs,drinking, but did drugs mostly. Then I sought recovery and that did not come easy. I went there for three years every single day sometimes twice a day and it took that long to figure out I was the problem. There were a core of men in group that never got sick of me and lovin me every single minute. But then I stumbled across a man who had abolutely nothing and he was content. I followed him to every meeting he went to ,to find out how he could be so happy and content. One thing he had was connection to His higher power and that was all he needed. Well back to how I find myself here i is Why am able to get here this far is I have the connection and the power and all the stuff you all are telling me about but I do not have the goal setting down I am content in my life and material things yeah I think about them but outside stuff does not make one happy. When Spirit took me to see my mother and finally get free, man I was shaking I was so afraid of her because of her hatred for me and me being in her house the only familiar thing we had were angels & Spirit let me call in my angels all angel guard to use there power to aid in my telling her all drama and past pain in my life and she agreed free me Because not only will she free me but my children as well.She loves her grand kids and is willing to do her part to bring freedom. So Spirit used my kids to free me. Cleverness and I do have more freedom than I have ever in my life. No shame whatso ever. Even where I find myself today no shame Spirit loves me and is in control of this situation. I surrendered my control a couple of weeks ago all of it. So that brings me to this place of telling you how I only have a few simple goals. So here they are I am going to school every day at the library because I do not have internet and I owe money toavailible phone company,s in area.that and one other one but they want $ up front so I do not have any. I am going to exercise, go back to meetings,eat heathy,stay awy from bad influences people and learn how to use computer better, so I can hand in school assignments better. I am also going to find a proffession where I can help people who really need help and love Because i am able to do that for some else and all the new manifestations that come will be blessings extras in my case & that is how I am feeling at the present moment. Of course I change by the hour and emotional yikes so thank you for listening to me and keep nudging me along I love to learn and try to apply healthy principles to my life. I know I will get it if I keep trying.and I will start to have goals and manfest them as well.I am really not comfortable where i am at But I am not as uncomfortable anymore either. Also everything in my life I have had to relearn everything from the ground up that keeps one humble because if I can extend my hand I can grab someone elses who needs help and love. Thank you for helping me find love again I do not want my will but His so I will do my part.

  • A big well done for coming this far what an acheivement, i know only too well what you have been through to get where you are today and it gets better i promise you i "surrendered" like you 18mnths ago now after battling class a drugs and alchohol although the latter wasnt so much of a problem, the drugs did their job masking the pain or so i thought [infact it only created more] from the chilhood abuse that went well into my late teens it also impacted on relationships as i went for badass men that were hellbent on destroying me as much as i was. i remember the first time i asked for my angels i was walking to the shops and just asked for help i thought nomore of it until i walked back home i looked up and there it was a perfect double rainbow within months i had my own beautiful home a relationship with my family and life is just getting better as it will for you keep up the good work i feel you will have a great future

  • Hi, heres some threads you might check out that may be relatable for you,anything from TheCaptain, they are helping people here figure all kinds of grerat stuff out! The mother/daughter thread, started originally by soapmaker in another thread but I think Blmoon kept it going in a new thread since it was such a topic that really seemed too get several here motivated too share their own painful pasts regarding their relationship with moms,yet be on the path too healing, its our first real or tangible relationship when we are born, and can really tend too make us or break us in life, stopping the cycle is tough, but we can do it, its a real possibility! Sounds like you have a past, like everyone else, we all do, or did things we aren't proud of, its life,it happens. The best thing about you is that you knew you wanted better so you reached out for help. I would have too consider that a goal reached, you may think of yourself as weak, or unmotivated because of sucumbing too past mistakes, but no, you are stronger then strong for confronting them and for asking God too help see you through, we find it hardest too forgive ourselves after all. It can be frustarating for anyone too feel like their ready too set some goals then not know where too start, but working on your inner image of yourself will help clear the path for that, if your still feeling low inside it might make you feel like you haven't anything too contribute or make you fear you won't reach a goal, so you won't find yourself comfortably setting them for fear that you have already failed. Work on reminding yourself what it is that you love about you, and what you have already accomplished, don't skip that step, once you start to see yourself the way your spirit thats saw you through sees you, you can begin to move towards the confidence that wasn't instilled before, but you can certainly turn around and find inside, like being a really good best friend too yourself! God Bless you on your journey!

  • Thaks Bluecat for responding I needed to hear something positive from someone new. I apprieciate all the kind words..I will rock on..

  • Thanks Monica for responding I will continue to let Spirit work It wil certainly be up to fate to see what happens ....

  • Yes you will blacknblond, yes you will!

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