Libra woman bit by Scorp HELP need ADVICE!!!!!

  • well hun he responded a day later to my text so i let waited a day later to text him...then out of nowhere he texts me asking how i am i didnt respond to the first one then hours later he text me and i responded about a hour after that one and he has never responded its been 4 hours and i know he is in bed now...we are both military and PT comes for us at 5am so......i am lost on wtf he is doing here

  • Dear Libralady I feel your pain and angst really I do. I think any woman who has ever loved a scorp does. When I say walk away I don't mean forever, just long enough for him to think maybe he has lost you. That's when you need to come back in and let him know you are still interested but fine without him.

    When a scorp bites your head off it is because that is the way they deal with their emotions. The thing that makes this really hard is that he has feelings for the both of you and contrary to popular believe when a scorp is invested in you he doesn't take it lightly.

    If you would like I could do the lovers tarot for you??

  • dear spiritual child,

    yes please do have had other advice and just getting all I can so I can figure this out. I love him and would like to know if I have lost him forever or what is going on. Really want him back. My kids adore him and so do I. They even want him back thank you for all you are doing

  • oh forgot, you had asked me what the sign of the other woman was. May I ask why? Does he feel he is invested in me? How can he be in love with her after only a few months and was with me for a little over a year. We never argued or anything but once while we were together. We were fine till she came in to the picture and she is the one that hunted him . Wish this would have never happened,I have cried more I think in the last few months than I ever have in my life or at least that is the way that it feels.Just want him back and wonder if I will ever get him back and if I do will he be true to me and me alone.Cause I was and still am faithful. Haven't even thought of being with anyone else and have no desire to.

  • god ladies scorps get into our hearts and souls so easy...being so considerate of our feelings and romantic and so damn passionate then with out a moments notice poof!

  • I feel so sorry for you libralady....:-(

  • I going through hell with this scorp trying to figure out what the hell he is trying to prove with his texts and what he is wanting praying he wants more and maybe he is just scared bc his wife if 7yrs cheated on him while he was over seas and was engaged to someone else by the time he got back from iraq with them still married at that time....He left me in a trance the few short times I did spend with him that I have never felt for anyone before...Like I ache for that touch of his......I can only imagine what you are going through

  • Thank you divious Libra.I gave him my heart like i had never done with anyone else before him and he still has it..Love him dearly. Just feel lost without him.

  • divi, you took so long to text him back, he was busy when you sent the text. You are fine, relax be yourself, you guys should really start using your voices(telephone).

  • Dear Libralady, just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten you and will post your reading soon. Starsigns do have alot to do with everything. She being a Gemini explains his initial attraction to her but it will be hard for her to hold him. If she does manage to hold him they are going to have a tough time.

  • its a power struggle forget him, hes not worth the trouble, sorry if this upsets you but you are wasting time and energy on someone who is just playing a power game with texting, and you are doing the same thing, but its not going to happen, if you go back over the site, have a look at the posts and you will see, im not being nasty just honest, he texts you ignore then he texts and finally you answer, then you wish you hadnt, a man or any man that is interested in a lady would come right out and display that, you will get hurt , and then you will really wish that you had left and gone on with your life, i only say this because i care, however its your choice in the end,

  • Thank you spiritualchild. I didn't think that you had forgotten me just figured you had been busy. Can you explain a little more as far as her having a hard time holding him and the tough time if she does hold him, just curious. Like I have said, I am in love with him and feel as though if she had not come into the picture that things would not be as they are. Thank you again for taking the time to do the reading for me..

  • Someone said we love the chase and I have to agree. When a woman does not immediately return my text or call, or if she appears nonchalant, then I turn it up. sometimes I will pursue her just to pursue her if that makes any sense. If she gets me going I have to go after her. So my advice would be for you to pull back and watch the fireworks begin. One woman I dated said she knew I would call and come back to her and she was right. She played it cool and let me chase her. She was no mystery, I knew what she was doing. But it was still cool, and she was worth the chase. Cause when I caught her we had fun. You have fun too. Life's too short.

  • I never use my voice lol..I hate the phone..I always text...Well he never sent anything in response to it yet sweetie so I don;t know wtf his deal is....

  • Thanks Sagsunscorprising,

    It was me that said that Scorps love the chase, and I said it from experience - all six years of I have found that when I back off and leave him be, it bothers him that I am not interested (although I am, I just get fed up of the games and give myself a little break!) and thats when I will hear from him out of the blue.

    I used to worry that I would never hear from him again, but I see a pattern emerge and he can't go more than 6 weeks without making contact. Even so, every time we break up, or he shuts me out and breaks contact, I genuinely believe that we are over for good. However, I am less upset since I realised that he always does come back around. truly believe we are meant or I would have walked away a long time ago, and it is still fun, and intense when we are together.

    Good luck Divi, you hang in there if he is who you really want. Play it cool (even if you really aren't !!!!!) and watch him come back around.

  • Divi, you ever missed someone or was so inlove with someone that you couldn't see, that you just wanted to hear their voice? When you hear another person's voice you hear their emotion. Ok...this is what im getting from our conversations here. "you were setup by friends, you had a one night stand, you two always text never call and you're fine with that. You fell in love with the passion of your first time together, the next time you were disappointed, and let him know that. He is not giving you the attention that you desire, and you can't figure him out because of it.

    This is just what I think right now, from what is above and what has been sent back and forth. You are not really into this guy. You don't care about speaking over the phone because you don't want to be emotionally attached to this guy. He has peaked your interest because he has not acted as you are used to other men acting towards you. You felt guilty about the one-night-stand because his roommate is also your co-worker home you see, and you don't want her to get the wrong impression about you. You are forcing yourself to care about how he feels about you because you are unsure of what his roommate told him prior to you two meeting. If this was not the case after the second meeting you would have dropped him like a bad habit, because the magic was gone.

    I really don't think you want to figure this guy out, I think you feel he has gotten the better of you; if he told you today that he wanted you two to date him exclusively you would evade him and lose interest because you would have won. The only reason that I think you should leave this situation alone is because you are not truly serious about it or him, it's just a great sex*ual experience that you wish would happen again. You will end up wasting his time and yours. Let it go. You can't worry about what his roommate knows, you are an adult, what happened is done with no regrets. i think you are wasting your time; he has already come to this conclusion, but is also being nice for the sake of his roommate.

  • Dear Libralady, here is your reading;

    You - The Hierophant

    You are approaching some form of initiation at this stage of your life. This frequently takes the form of commitment. The Hierophant's links with both education and religion suggest the idea of teaching and learning; you could be adding to your knowledge or sharing what you already know with others at this time.

    Your need for formal structures may surface now. Within your home, you could establish new routines or reorganize everything. Regularity, security and order are necessary to you at this time for they provide a solid background, a comforting rhythm to your days. This card is all about resources, talents and blessings. How do you use what you have? How do you manage your money, your time, you abilities? The Hierophant leads you towards a solid appreciation of such things, and often signifies a realistic assessment of life's practicalities. You may re-examine family values, searching the past for clues to your present behaviour and views.

    You may feel the need for a stable shared future. In every aspect of life you seek definition and shy away from licence and anarchy.

    Your Partner - The Wheel of Fortune

    When The Wheel of Fortune represents your partner, it denotes an optimistic, extroverted person whose generosity borders on extravagance, and who loves to give you gifts and lavish money on special treats. This individual is in close touch with his emotions and is able to express them without inhibition.

    Another strong characteristic is a sense of humour. This partner loves to make you laugh and, even on the darkest days, is able to help you see the funny side of things. A very sociable person, this individual loves to entertain and be entertained. Originality and a quirky way of looking at life ensures a wide range of friends and aquaintances.

    When you are alone, your partner is supportive and articulate. He or she is sensitive to your moods, but will not tolerate lenghty depressions; neither is there a fondness for arguments nor long drawn out fights. Your partner does not harbour resentment. If you do quarrel, it will soon be forgotten.

    Your Relationship - The Moon

    The moon offers the gift of psychic connections, shared visions and spiritual communion. Any relationship signified by this card is complex and full of unconscious undercurrents.

    Since the moon rules the unborn, your attraction to each other may still be dreamy and unformed. Many things have yet to be said and experienced within your union. Inexplicable feelings may assail you both and you may be unable to identify why you are so attracted to your partner.

    Your relationship may exist in a vacuum or private world, within which you share certain dreams, certain longings. However, you may lack the courage to bring such things into reality. What you share seems too fragile, too precious to risk exposing it to the bright light of day. It is possible that your relationship is a clandestine one, however, its secrecy makes it all the more magical to you both. This union has its own reality, which may not survive the years, the pressure of children or the practicalities of marriage and living together, but will always remain a romantic dream, a special interlude, an enduring and poignant memory.

    Your Future - Death

    A brand-new life waits in the wings. Far-reaching changes are taking place deep within you, as you shed all this is outworn in your present life. This powerful process is slow, but once completed you will look back on the dark days as if they were a dream. You will be truly reborn.

    Libralady you are very welcome for you reading. I wish I could have told you what you wanted to hear. Even though it is not what you wished for I do hope you find it helpful.

    Love and light xx

  • thank you spirit I appreciate it.

    love and light

  • I think your right on all aspects there. The more time has went by the more I can see I wrapped myself up in the sexual emotions and thought it might have been a tad bit more. One night stands is something I do not do ..A - Bc I have morals , and yes I did beat myself up about it when it happened, but at the same time I wanted it..I am only human I guess ....B- I tend to mix sex with feelings that might not even be there with me...All of what happened tends to stand true to that. Libras do love the chase and it is so d a m n true that if we feel we have won, then we move on and don't look back..THAT is if we really wasn't into you to begin with. .Then again , him not showing me what I am use to was fun at the start..Now its just dumb and pointless! Why should I have to be the one to try and ignite the conversation...Granted he did text me" how are you?" twice but when I respond ....He doesn't bother at all, and it has been since Monday since I last heard from him...WHO does that???? I am very aloof but even I do not do people that way...It is just disrespectful! ....I may not respond to you right away, but I will....It's a hard one to swallow for me, and a part of me wants to tell him " look...I don't know why you would contact someone to ask how they are more than once ..ONLY to ignore them when they do respond...I hate being ignored, it is not fair or the right thing to do to somebody. Ignore someone for a day then get back yeah ok..BUT not all together.....BA I am rambling now!

  • I can answer this way....if it was someone whom you had no desire for, and they acted the way he is wouldn't be paying enough attention to'd just assume they were busy or you would be busy and you would speak to each other whenever. Really no difference in this situation, unfortunately sex doesn't equal automatic respect this day and time with some people. Let it go Divi, you are giving this situation tooooo much, of your energy.

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