Libra woman bit by Scorp HELP need ADVICE!!!!!

  • some girl posted this on another site that ticked me off ..........

    Good.. just know this is only the beginning,the disappearing acts, tests.. I'd be surprised to see a Libra have the patience for all the games he will play. I really don't think you should've screwed him on the first date, water signs in general like a little mystery and a bit of a challenge.

  • That is why I don't mess with scorpio men lol.

  • It sounds like you "bit" him, i thought it only happened on the first night. so the only times you contacted him before has been to "get up"?

  • yeah thats it LOL.....I havent bothered to be the first to make contact with hiim.....he has what does that mean???

  • he has been bit how????

  • "Bit" - after you got what you wanted you threw him to the side. since he's still calling you it means that he is ok with having sex with no strings, and thinks that you are cool with everything, communication, sex, dating other people.

  • no rock he only texted me once the next day and i replied and he ignored the reply so i then later that night ask if he was ok..he said yes just tired i said well go to sleep and ill leave you alone he said ok ill text you tomorrow and i said sweet dreams i have yet to hear from i am all the way around confused as to what i should do..i thought you meant bit in a good i bit him and he was dumbfounded and took a step back....o what???

  • Grrr I want HIM to miss me I wanted to have some profound imapact on him as he did ill never know!!!

  • I want him to want me 😞

  • but you two have gotten together twice? and you got together the next time on the next day in a room because your roomies had company?

  • LOL no babydoll...let me explain better....Later that day when he said he had plans for dinner and a movie...when i asked what he was doing because I wanted to get together.....Later that night/day...He text me asking me what I was doing and I said nothing you? He said just laying here relaxing...THEN I said my roomates have people here and they will prob leave late I am thinking about getting a motel room...want to join me? he said im sorry not tonight...I said ah well then its prob for the best then we wouldnt get ANY sleep..he was like oh yeah??? Then I said YOU should go get a room and he was like you can come here ( he has a roomate to the older woman I work with that set us up) hence why I pray he dont tell her we had sex esp in HER house ...anyhow thats how it played out and he only text me once the next day ....He told me as I was leaving im sorry MY performance was bad....I was hush ..then turned and said im mad at you... him not knowing if I am playing or not mind you...before I left he asked me 5 times are you really mad at me?? I said yeah and he said why..I said my secret....and when he tried to kiss me I turned away LOL ....I was being playful but I dont get it now hun?...your thoughts??

  • Hi divious libra. Just found this thread and wanted to wish you luck - I was stung by a Scorpio and am still hanging on 6 (yes SIX) years later waiting for him to decide what he really, really wants!! We have been on and off (off for the last 2 weeks again) over that time and yet I am hooked. Every time he comes back he tells me it is me he really wants, he wants us to get married, move away to a bigger better house and make a new life away from his current lifestyle, and then after 2-3 months he gets back in tow with his drinking buddy and the drink takes preference for a while. I take heart from the fact that it isn't another woman, and that is why I am still around. Be ready for the long haul or get an antidote quickly before he really gets into your system. Love and light.xxxx

  • Lolpet - he has already made his decision - to keep you dangling for as long as you allow it. He loves this way of life to do as he pleases - why would he change it? And why do you think you deserve such inconsiderate treatment?

  • ok. you embarrassed him, he's a big boy he can handle it. just send him a text, tell him "thinking of you and hope that your day went well", because you are thinking of him.

    subconsciously, you are letting him know that even though he felt his performance was off (he was probably tired), you are still interested. That should put you back on the right track; You killed his ego with, saying you were mad and turning from the kiss. You are fine, try not to be brashly rude, it's not ur nature. We may be shallow sometimes, but not brashly rude.

  • I thought maybe that had something to do with..he would always text me you know??/ Maybe I will do it tomorrow if he doesnt contact me...i guess my ego was hurt a little even though I wanted more sex....felt a little cheap...but i wanted it so go figure...and i just took it out on his ego instead of mine do you think he will tell his roomate that i work with?

  • not hardly, and he said his performance was off, remember they're roommates. How long has it been since this happened?

  • Monday hun

  • what do u think about me playing his silence off and if he hasnt text me with in a week texting him or at least wait a few more days and should i respond right away or wait a day if he texts me first

  • since so many days have lapsed since the "pie-face" incident, I would say send him the text in the morning (when you wake), he will most likely be at work since you say he gets up at 5am. and say "thinking of you and hope that you have a beautiful day"....and then leave it, don't text anymore.

  • hey lolpet, i know this is not your thread but i wanted to respond to you because i could very much relate.. i too have been in on and off r.ship with scorp man for five years . and we are off for last two weeks too. i feel like i am hooked too. but i dont know if he is with other women inbetween. i keep trying to move on but cant. when its good with him its incredible we get on so well but when its bad its really bad and we usually break up, or i break it off cos he has pushed me away by being so hurtful and uncaring. it is like a total shock from the man that was so into me and passionate and loving. we were apart for four months last year and i still couldnt move on.its like he will never completely let me go. i cnt seem to either.i'm 38 now. feel like it may never change. what to do?? if you want to talk i can start another thread..

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