Libra woman bit by Scorp HELP need ADVICE!!!!!

  • A friend of mine set me and this scorp guy up on a blind date..After that first date- I was hooked!!...He lured me in the night with all the passion that flowed out of his mouth. Telling me just HOW beautiful he thought I was, and how intrigued he was by me. We went somewhere to get drinks that night to loosen up the tension. The conversation with this man was great and intense. His stared at me like I was the only person in that room, and when I would take my eyes off his to observe my surroundings, he made sure my eyes returned to his right away. Then his seduction came in to play with a light kiss and touch of my skin...It was almost as though, he hypnotized me and I was lost in a drunk state of emotions...

    We left the place we got drinks at after consuming a few,,,Then he drove us to a lake near the open road....THEN he went in for the bite!! We had some major intense passionate sex...I don;t do that on a first date at all, but god help me, I could not seem to let go of the passionate flood of emotions I had...So the next day I was really worried I messed up- by giving into him. I did not text him, and I awaited to see if he would keep his word by saying he would text me when he got up. Guess what HE DID...So I played it cool and just replied to him as he did the texting...Even though I was still feeling the sting of his the next day..Meaning emotions flooded me, and I didn't even know why or how it happened!!! As I kept quiet to him that day, He finally asked me if I had even thought about him any that day, and I said yes, have you been thinking of me? His reply was yes I have been...Then hours later after a long duration of being quiet..He ask me when can I see you again? I said I dont know babe,,when do you want to? His reply was ..anytime is fine just as long as you want to see me...

    NOW the day after was a 360 of how he was the day before.....I waited on him to text and I got nothing....So I text him.. I asked him if he has any plans today...He said just getting dinner and a movie..why? I said never mind..I was going to see if you wanted to do something today, He said well that do you want to do ? I said I don;t know babe..I had not thought that far ahead and besides you have plans...He said well maybe one day this week we can " hang out" - Ok now this remark pissed me off and I then sent a text to him saying I don;t like mixed signals and you asking me when you can see me again then saying MAYBE one day this week we can hang out is mixed signals and when you figure out what you want to do ,,,let me know ...He never responded to the text...BUT hours later text me asking me what I was doing and how was work...I was fuming but kept my cool....So I went in for the kill, and my mind started turning about how I could flip this to the way he was the day after the date...So I hinted I wanted to see him and wanted to get more of him (hence sex) Best way to ignite a scorp is thorugh sex ....or so I thought...After that night I went away with my heart sunk low knowing I just made myself fall a little more into this mans venom...

    I has ONLY text me once and I responded and he ignored one from me...So I ask him hours later if he was ok ..he goes yeah just tired...I said well go to bed ..THEN I said I will leave you be and his response was why? I am thinking what the hell here???? ....I said because your about to pass out, he goes ok I will text you tomorrow...I have yet to get anything and I am NOT giving in and being the one to make first contact...I am thinking about ignoring him when he does send anything, just to test to see how long or even if he will send another...

    GUYS I need YOUR help please !!! WHAT should I DO?????

  • What to do, if there is a poor harvest? Either you change conditions or ingredients,or -- location!

    divious_libra, I don't have a staff in my hand, otherwise I would have given you three beats. Instead: give him three beats!




    Those three beats are `yes', three times.

  • My father is scorpio, and let me tell you he LOVES mystery, and the chase!!! when he asked you to profess your wanting for him, he didn't really want to hear that; He wanted you to be coy and vague and busy. they lovvve the chase. He loves a woman who speaks her mind, and will tell him what she does not want in a heartbeat, its like resistance drives them...along with someone else having what's theirs. Confidence in a woman, one that has her own schedule and he has to fit into hers, and non-chalant where he's concerned. They are jealous and possessive, but are low-keyed about it unless something happens publicly. Once they are cheated on while in a relationship, they don't want you back; they are so passionate and family oriented it makes you miss them. they can be loyal, as long as she keeps their attention, especially appearance wise, if she doesn't he's gonna cheat with another pretty package. they do get infactuated quite easily. They are providers without a doubt, you would not want for anything.

  • be yourself and remember your worth. Im sure his ears peaked when you gave him a little piece of your mind (he liked it), he is used to getting his way, his ego stroked make him earn the strokes. he is a man's man, he's the chaser let him...he loves it. if you let him run over you he will and right to the next one.

  • Well I have not contacted him at all and I do not plan on it, and when he does IF he does text me I am ignoring it...He wants games? Its games hes got! I just am trying to balance back out from feeling like a slut now...Showed have never had sex with him but it was like I could not say no...I dont know what hat was all about really......I thought there was a deep connection there pfft I guess there wasnt on his end and that was just a way to get what he wanted...How can someone turn the tables after it seems I have gave him nothing left to chase?

  • It wasn't a game, he was infactuated; you began to worry about how he saw you and what he thought about you, and the unsurety showed in your actions. His ego is bigger than the earth right now he can't help it, that's natural for him. He's used to being wanted and doted. My father has been married 5 times, and tries to remain friends with his ex's (go figure); subconsciously thinking i had them first, they will always want me and a lot of times they do. subconsciously for them it is his provider nature; the intense passion if not balanced out is not good, you have to slow them down, they will follow. be yourself ,libra feminity is a great asset, you don't need to play games at all. Don't be upset, your feelings just jumped ahead of you, he will call, don't rearrange ur schedule, tell him what day/time is best for you; if its not a good day, don't sweat it; do not open up too much at all right now, remember he is basically still a stranger, he didn't seduce you, im sure you knew he was going to "get it" before he did. He thought he did the work, but you chose him. Being a libra woman myself, i've never had any one night stands that just happened, i knew them and chose them before they had a clue.

  • and if you don't want to text anymore, don't answer his texts, only communicate when he calls. when he asks why tell him that you would rather have a call, and give no more information.

  • so in other words not contacting him is showing him otherwise...

  • and keep meeting new people...please, if you don't anger will show in your voice and actions that you have been waiting for him.

  • he has never called always texted

  • anger is sweetie...i feel i was not treated fair

  • He doesn't feel like he has too communicate right now, because you are. let him show you that 'HE" is worthy of your affection, that night wasn't a mistake for you, you did it because you wanted to, accept that. You can't control his thoughts but you can control how you allow yourself to be treated.

  • I understand, that you feel this way, because you expected more from him, but why?

  • ;your right....I am not going to give in ...!!!

  • I would like a ego boost myself from him knowing the he is thinking about me but with his actions that isnt so..actions speak louder

  • because i thought there was a deeper connection than what has seemed to play out

  • Believe me "divi" all is not lost, he is still driven off that wonderful night and thinks what's gonna happen when he gets to know you. the confident woman he met in person, he liked her trust that, don't change you.

  • right now it's a deep sex*ual connection for him

  • let me explain some things more hun and btw thanks for being there right now..a fellow libra helps...anyhow I went back for more round two with him and just wanted sex and I gave him that impression that this is all I wanted and I left right after,,,could I have damaged it more or is it that first night will keep playing over and over? the sex on the first night was OMG but the sec it was eh fair and he was like my perfomace was not good and complained and said im mad at you and he goes are you really mad?? 5 or 6 rimes and I have not text that much so what do you think also he lives with my friend I work with that set us up do u think he will tell her oh hell what do u have to be ashamed of?

  • see i told him my roomates had to many people over right? that sec round night and that i was going to get a room and he should grab his shit and come join me ..ok he is in the military full time and he had to get up at 5 am granted ...but he said no sorry not tonight and i went into depth about i wanted sex so he is like you can come here ...he said that after i was like u should go get a room

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