Libra woman bit by Scorp HELP need ADVICE!!!!!

  • sagg? a little...what's up?

  • Divi, right now he is "baiting", throwing things out at you to see your reaction, good or bad it doesn't matter he's just sizing up the situation. If he wants to see you, make him put forth the effort to find when and where, he's the aggressor. You're "gaming it up" a little too much, almost like you're enjoying the cat and mouse, he senses that and won't take you seriously. He'll take you for a ride but not a long one, and you will get caught up trying to turn the tables. We are airy, love-love and don't like friction, he is sneaky, purpose-driven, and loves some good drama aka passion; right now you are in a great place with yourself and loving yourself, if you allow yourself to get out your own character, it will be tough. Allow him to put forth effort and you work him in if you have time; No games Divi, if he thinks that you are playing a game at his expense, that stinger comes remorse.

  • "'that stinger comes remorse" - i mean he gets frustrated with immaturity of the conversations, only deals with you to get what he wants, allows you to think whatever you want; then drops off when he's satisfied - you will be labeled "the fling". The only way back from "the fling" is a complete makeover, hair, clothes, attitude and every man in "their" sight wanting you. If "the fling" is all you want, release your focus from this guy as relationship material, look yourself in the mirror and say " I accept this is just a fling, i want nothing more" and keep dating other people.

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