I m thankful for

  • my family n my husband ryani want to tell how much they done for me this yrs thank

  • I am thankful for the sunlight, trees, fallen leaves, upon waking in the morning. I am thankful my health is improving with exercise and healthy food. I am grateful to be a mom and a wife. I am thankful my children take the time to include me in their activities. I am thankful that I am able to enjoy life. I am greatful to meet and interact with people of other cultures. I am thankul God has given me more time on this Earth. I try to make a difference in another life by giving food or engaging in conversation. Each morning, I pray for three gifts of thankness. I am thankful my Mother and Father are close by and I can pick up the telephone and call them. I am thankful for this big vast Earth that is home.

  • I am thankful for my family, my children and my grandchildren, their partners, and my partner. I thank God everyday for our good health, our extreme wealth, and our happiness. We must be thankful for whatever, life gives us, then we will be blessed.


  • i am thankful for all the second chances that come my way, i am thankful for a place to live ,, eat and sleep , i am thankful for the challenges that make me stronger and more able to deal with things, i am thankful for my friends, i am thankful for my innocence and trusting nature, i am thankful that i had wonderful parents, i am thankful for my knowledge, and i am thankful for what material posessions i have. I am thankful for the big dusty store-room full of books which my grand father had. I am also thankful for the fact that i dont get along with everyone so I can steer clear of obstacles in my path to sucess.

  • i would like to say thankyou for the beautiful beautiful landscape, the trees, the people in it, feng shui tips of the day, a gorgeous friend, personal strength and friends that make cakes. x

  • I am thankful for a life with choices, to know it's ok to make mistakes if you learn from them, for the different and individual people in my life and the time we share, for forums like this where people can express their thoughts and get responses from others, I am thankful that new tools are available to us for breaking negative patterns we may have adopted as children so we can release the old and choose better, healthier ways to act and be.

    I am thankful that this site will make donations that will benefit others. THANK YOU!

  • I'm really thanful for all my friends. Without them, I don't know how I could have gotten through the past 2 years. Middle school is harder than I thought it would be! ^_^

  • i am thankful for life in general. today ine of my best friends Alex Bandi died and no one new til the middle of the day at school. it was awful. and its mostly because the monroeville emt's and other people couldnt get there in time. he will greatly be missed. he was only a sophmore. it made me think about how much we all take for granted these days. keep yours friends close. live with out a lie, laugh til you cry and love until you die<33

    -Rebecca Y.

  • I knew Alex since 9th grade. He was a Junior, not a sophomore.

  • Anyways, I am thankful for living. I'm thankful for having a boyfriend who treats me like gold. I'm thankful for having a family that cares for me. I'm thankful for having friends that would do anything for me. I'm thankful for everything that has happened in my life, good or bad, because it made me who i am today.

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