Self-Talk: What Were You Thinking?

  • Sacred books from various spiritual disciplines contain passages concerning how thought is manifested in our lives. How many times have you been engaged in negative talk about yourself or your situation? The power that we have to influence our lives whether positively or negatively! I found some affirmations today that I'd like to share with the community. Many of them touch on topics that have been discussed on this forum.


    I attract abundance and wealth doing something I truly love

    in balance and for the highest good

    I am filled with peace as I experience my prosperity..

    I am in alignment with the universe and am awakened to my life's purpose.

    I know my life and life's plan; I'm in touch with it and I do it

    I am grateful for all that I am and all that I have.

    I release all things whose time has come, opening up a whole new world

    of possibilities.

    My inner power is food for personal creativity; the power inside of me is

    the power of creation itself.

    I give thanks for the abundance that evidences itself in every area of my life.

    All my actions are in alignment with my higher centers; I know my perfect purpose

    in the moment.

    Everything I think, say and do resonates in perfect harmony with the highest

    and best for my God-given skills and talents.

    I am intuitive about financial matters and people and I listen to my intuition.

    I honor myself as a validated and welcomed person on this human plane.

    (c) 2009 Jeri London

  • I Like This Alot.....Great Post

  • archersbow --- my non-typing, evil twin may have to copy & paste these everywhere, lol ! especially, when I see someone so down on themselves or in a negative situation. Great post !

  • Very good affirmations.

  • Self-talk like this is highly important.

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