Requesting an update reading

  • Greetings all. Some of the ladies here have helped me out in recent months, first with an unconventional relationship, then when I had to put down one of my beloved dogs, and know my whole story. I am very grateful to all of you and now I'm just looking for some updates as the last reading was in Jan. I hope it's not too soon and I'm not being greedy. I was hoping one or a few of you would be willing to weigh in on the David situation. If you see any changes in his feeling towards me and the situation at hand.

    And while I'm at it, I'm going to ask about these 2 things too. I heard in the past 2 or 3 days about potential lay-offs at my company although the current rumor (these usually do happen, the rumor mill can be quite reliable sometimes at my company) is it's in another state but still, it's my nature to worry. Do I have anything to worry about? And finally, I had several years ago been diagnosed with heart issues. In Nov. I had another echo done and the results showed my heart to be nearly normal. While I raised a stink with the doc and she called for the records from previous docs, I'm not getting very far. What's your take on this, if anything. I realize it's more of a medical question that most don't want to touch, just figured I'd ask since I'm here. My main concern is the man issue but I am appreciative of any insight. Happy to provide birth dates and other info if needed.

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  • Ok, my last ditch effort... and word just came down that layoffs are closer. Any insight to anything at all is greatly appreciated

  • Hi LCT dog,

    I have your request for a reading coming up. I should get to it within the next day or two, and will see what your angels say. I didn't want you to think you were being ignored!

    In the meantime, call on your angels, even without knowing "who" they are, and ask them to help calm down your worries about your job situation. You cannot control the situation, right? You may want to, but you, in the end, have no control over it. So, turn to the One who is in charge, of universal justice, and ask your Divine creator and your angels to come and intervene on your behalf. Clear your mind of the noise and try and hear that inner voice's guidance for those are your angels communicating. If you need a sign, then ask for one! If you don't get one, at least one you noticed, ask again!

    Angel blessings in the meantime!


  • Thank you Beth. I didn't mean to sound impatient to you. I think I had actually posted this before I responded to your offer and got to chatting with someone else and decided to put this out there one last time to see if anyone got a bead on anything. I am concerned about the job but I should have enough seniority that even if I get bumped I will still have a job to go to but the operative word is should. I called the doc about the heart issue and they never pursued it so I had to get on them again about that and of course, my main focus, my biggest interest, right or wrong, is The David Situation.

    When you get caught up with all of your offerings, I'd really like to learn more about communicating with angels and how to hear them. Thank you again for your generous offer and responding to this.

  • Dear LCTdog,

    Thanks for the update. I came in fairly recently to the forum so don't even know what the "David" Situation is for you. I assume it's a relationship issue? I will receive your original request for a reading when I get to it, and ask your questions. Definitely about career and health. In the interim, though I haven't checked with your angels yet, I would suggest you call on Archangel Raphael who is our chief Healing angel, and ask him to camp out by your side as you go through whatever your heart issues are. Ask him to come in and heal your heart, and calm your worries about it, and make your doctor issues go smoothly and quickly as they appear to have been delayed if they didn't pursue it. Be an advocate for yourself, find your voice and use it. And I'll let you know what I find out!

    Angel blessings,


  • I can fill you in on the David story if you need it. Yes it's a relationship, or swinging in the breeze issue. With the heart (how ironic!) trust me, I use my voice. In fact I often don't know when to shut up 🙂 and my boss will verify!!! My biggest concern with that is that my heart did not heal and some poor slob got my results and I got theirs. I can deal, but I'm afraid for what he or she may be going through. Of course, it could all be a Christmas Miracle (I got the results in Nov/Dec)! But I'll talk to Raphael regardless because I have other less extreme issues as well.

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