Can I win my Cancer Man back

  • This forum has been so insightful, I met a cancer man 2 months ago, we met, had a wonderful encounter, then texted everyday to each other, funny things, inspirational comments, how are you, what's going etc. During this time he had gotten a ticket for physical control, drinking and required a evaluation. We talked for about 6 weeks, then the week of his evaluation, texting started to change, shorter answer, etc., then nothing. I inquired nicely what's going on, just checking on my friend, he said he was taking a break for awhile................what do I do? I know cancerians are emotional and need space, I don't want to be threatening or over bearing, I really like him and want to be there for him, any advice???

  • inspired928. Hopefully your Cancer guy is just having a break, but it seems strange him wanting a break after only 2 months of knowing you , Its early stanges and this should be a time of getting to know one another .I was with my X cancer for over 15 months and not once did he say he wanted a break . I think there's a lot more going on with him , I am no expert but if would like to pop over to my thread

    "Have I lost my Cancer b/f for good " Sandran712 is an expert on cancers as she is one herself. you will get the best advice and support on there , hope to see you soon . what star sign are you by the way ?

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