Just when you thought it was safe....

  • I'm baaaack!

    There are a couple couples' (lol) 2 couples, that are requesting info on their futures with each other. I've been bragging on the accuracy of all the readings I've gotten here and........!!!!

    Feel free to blast me later! LOL

    #1. female:March 12,1965 & male: September 13,1950

    #2. female:October 8, 1986 & male: November 27,1985

    I dont know any of the times of birth or anything so just a kinda overall view of some type would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! 🙂

  • #1 - this combination tends not to bother with anything that is not on an epic scale, like certain projects. The problem is that the couple is usually completely unprepared for activities of such a scale and would do much better cutting back on their goals. These two are direct opposites in the zodiac, which can energise the relationship or push it beyond reasonable limits. There is a danger here of getting swept up in inflammatory desires. In a love affair or friendship, feelings may go far beyond realistic boundaries. The partners have a tendency to think their relationship is the best, the most romantic, the most sensual, etc. Learning to be a bit more realistic about what they have may be impossible for them, and in fact they may only learn how far off their perceptions were through hindsight. It is not so much the relationship itself that is lacking here than an objective assessment of it. Control must be exercised over the pair's fantasy life. In the long run, modest projects and goals can contribute more to the relationship's self-esteem than more ambitious ones. In marriage too, a shared house is best kept small-scale and manageable. Beware delusions of grandeur - in both the relationship and its ambitions.

    #2 - inspiration and education are the themes here. The Sag man often assumes such roles in the life of the Libran woman, but she is no less an inspiration to her partner. This is more like an asexual or platonic relationship, such as that between a teacher-student, close friends or intergenerational relatives. In light of the importance that such a relationship could assume in their lives, it is extremely important that the pair remains objective, in part because there exists here an easy physicality that could become sensual if boundaries are crossed. This means this relationship can be fraught with psychological peril - "Handle with care" is the warning implicit here. In a platonic love affair or friendship, the ideal that each partner symbolises for the other can be extremely fragile, easily destroyed by even the hint of physical involvement. As long as emotions are kept in check, the pair can maintain these ideals and learn a great deal about and from each other. Marriage may be a bit lopsided, with the man more often adopting the master role and the woman appearing more as the student or the obedient one. The matchup will generally have to be brought into greater balance if hostility and resentment are to be avoided. The whole question of trust is paramount here, and acting in an honourable and respectful way, particularly if there is an age or educational difference, will be vitally important for psychological well-being.

  • W O W Captain! You have done it again. There was never a doubt in my mind! Both readings, as much as I know of their situations, well that just describes them perfectly! The first pair is married.At least for the time being!

    Second pair, not married but committed. She is presently deployed and I'm just not sure how he is coping.

    Can't wait to share with them. They are going to be amazed at your accuracy! The proof is in the pudding! And you are the pudding! Thanks so much!

  • Oh gee, I am a pudding. 🙂 I hope it's a cheesecake...or a chocolate pudding. Darn, now you made me hungry, Ragbag. I think I'll hop over to the Valentine's day party thread and see if there's any leftovers.

  • Wish I had a cheesecake!

  • You can't have any pudding if you don't eat your meat! LOL Sorry. I couldn't resist. 🙂

    The Captain is very spot on. I took her advise and am glad for it. Thank you Captain!

  • There! 🙂

  • No, really - there!

  • Nom Nom Nom!

  • please tell me its gonna work with my new bf.

    his birthdate is 10 24 1953

    mine is 1 31 1945

    thank you!

  • Captain, Thanks so much for the cheesecake. It was wun-der-full! Absolute perfection! :-))

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