Anyone having a Problem with the daily lucky Numbers?

  • Is there anyone having a problem with their daily lucky numbers being in sequential order every day? Last year my numbers were mixed up, maybe I would get two in a row like 7 one day and 8 the next, then it would be a 4 then a 1, but this year they are 1 one day, 2 the next, 3 the next day, then 4, then 5 and so on until it gets to number 9, then it starts all over again with 1. Sorry, but I do not feel this in based on my birth day and time and am getting a little irate over it. Last year this was the way my Tarot cards were, I could count on what card would come up the next day and found that odd, but this is driving me nuts and would liek to know it's not just me. Anyone else?

  • Yes, daily numbers are same for me also, that's why I do not check them any longer

  • They are also the same, secquential, for my husband and anyone else's Birthday I put in. I quess it was fun while it lasted, now it's just dumb and meaningless.

  • Mine too and I've also noticed another thing , when you click on the number for that day say its 4 it will give the number 3 the day before's strange !

  • Admin, if you're looking at this, please correct the problems, as we feel they are not birth related like I was told by your support staff, but an actual 'problem' with your system.

  • I got the same picture an answer 2 days in a row for 2 differen't questions,but I don't think I even get an answer to my question a lot of times just a something to read.Doe's any one know a better place then here?

  • There are many 'site's' out there but none I care to frequent. This is the best place for us that we know of or care to visit and participate. That is why we are here.

  • Hi All,

    Here is how the Number of the Day is calculated, I hope you find this helpful.

    The number ofthe day is calculated by using your birth day and today’s date. Since your birth date doesn’t change, but the numerologtical value of the date increases by 1 every day, your numbers of the day increase by 1 digit each day.

    When the date changes dramatically, like switching from February to March or from 2009 to 2010, then the number resets itself based on your birthday and the numerological value of the new date combination. But after it resets for the new month or year, it will again keep increasing in 1 digit increments since the overall numerological value of the date is only changing by 1 digit each day and the numerical value of your birth date remains the same.

    You can test this out by using the Calendar tool we offer on the Number of the Day page.

    If you are looking for something more personalized you can always try our Numerology Reflection reading, you can use the link below to access this reading.

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