Captain can you give me a reading about a health issue,

  • captain can you give me a health reading,I have been to different doctors about this issue with my hair and eczema and I always get different diaganois.I have real bad allergies,and have eczema,and a sensitive body I have many allergies and my hair was real thick and had healthy and 11 years ago after the birth of my daughter i started getting eczema and and pain in my scalp and 6 yearslater my hair was lusterous dull and thinner and it really depresses me I have sought out help from doctors,I done research on internet,and well I just want to finally be able to know how to get healthy hair and scalp what can I do to heal myself? Is it an allergy or imbalance?Is it curable? and what do you think of holistic medicine? Will it cure my problem?By the way my birthday is 02/16/1973.

  • I feel you are allergic to many common substances and should be very careful to use and eat only the purest and most natural of products. Good quality is so important here. Do you have a health store near you or maybe you can find all natural products on the net? I feel like there is some problem with your liver and detoxification. You also need to drink more water to flush out the toxins.

    What will be of most help is to really and fully commit to a rigorous health routine. You mustn't be on-and-off again or wishy washy about your health. It must become a regular routine to be maintained all through life. Please care for yourself more. On a metaphysical level, you are overly sensitive and this translates into your body being overly sensitive as well. Try and not take everything so personally - the more you can relax and stay calm, the more your body will heal. look into calming techniques like yoga and meditation. Even walking in the fresh air will help.

    I also feel a feeling of low self-worth contributes to your bad health, like you don't feel worthy of being well and fit. Also if you get an idea of how to treat yourself, you should follow it, even if it is an unusual method or might earn you disapproval from family or friends.

  • Thank you Captain, you are right my family and friends do criticize how I eat and my allergies they don't seem to believe my allergies are the source of my alliments.I do have a health food store in my area it is kind of expensive especially for organic, food and products. Can you tell me what common substances i am allergic to,and what foods should I eat and what foods should I not eat? And will I ever have a normal scalp with heathy thiicker hair again? I do get depressed and feel like I don't have the resources to get healthy the pure organic good for you stuff is expensive and I so confused to what im allergic to I get so depressed over it because nobody takes me serious my family just blows it off since I was a kid I have been suffering this issue myself for along time now.Can you please tell me how to restore my health and my hair health?Do you think I will ever get my scalp healthy and my hair to grow thicker?what do you recommend to treat the eczema?and what substances should I stay away from and I will definately start to drink lots of water.what should I get at the health food store? thank you captain I really feel so overwhelmed and alone with this issue.

  • It's not so much the food itself as what chemicals go into and on them, which is why you should go organic as much as you possibly can. Also get a water filter if you can. Everything that you put onto or into your body must be all-natural. Yes, you can be fully healthy again if your take care of yourself. Is it possible for you to start your own vegetable garden? Even an apartment balcony can hold several varieties of veg. Look up on the net how to make your own soap and shampoo from natural materials.There are plenty of sites that can tell you about making your own natural cleaning products, etc. I believe baking soda and vinegar are some of the best (and cheapest) things to use around the house. Your hair/head is especially suffering from the buildup of chemicals. So if you can eliminate as many chemicals as possible from your life and subsitute natural products - even things like perfume and deodorant - you will feel a whole lot better.

    You must ignore your family - accept you think differently to them and go your own way. It's OK to be different, it doesn't mean you are wrong. Everyone must do what is right for themselves. I am different to the rest of my family and they often roll their eyes at me, but I am happy because i am being me.

    You are not alone, Trueaquarius. The world has need of people who think outside the usual box.

  • Also be careful what products they use on you when you go to the hairdresser's.

  • Hey Captain:

    I was wondering can you give me a reading.

    my DOB - feb 1 , 1977

    his DOB- feb 8th , 1979

    Thanks in advance... 🙂

  • Please start your own thread, Saranee. This one is about Trueaquarius and her concerns.

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