• I've had my heart smashed in some many pieces, so many times, by the same man. I know how very stupid I am. For so long, I felt and believed I wasn't good enough for him. That I was doing something or everything wrong (my hair,my makeup,my clothing,nails etc). One day after praying so much, god told me, "He's not good enough for you." I believe that, I realize that. All the things he put me through. All the things he stole from me. All the games he played and lies he told and continue to tell. All the dreams he killed. Why want he leave me alone? Because of him I feel, i never want to see another man as long as i live. When I have to talk to a man,I never look at them,never stop my motion. Never take them serious and bite their heads off. I make alot of my co-workers anry. They ask me something work related, and i tell them to ask someone else. Never looking at them or stop walking. Half of me says, forget the past, forget yesterday and him and bloom. The other half of me says, their not worth the heartache. The center of me says. (WHEN YOU TRY TO HOLD TOGETHER SOMETHING,GOD HIMSELF DOESN'T WANT,IT WILL NEVER BE. NOONE CONTROLS GOD. ALSO, WHEN SOMEONE SHOWS YOU, WHO THEY ARE, BELIEVE THEM. DON'T LIVE FOR YESTERDAY OR TOMORROW. LIVE FOR TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hi, God doesn't want something or someone who is not for you. It's going to take a while to feel better. I went thru a situation like this before and it took me about a year to feel better. There are people like this however, not everyone is. Exercise, sunshine and eating well helps. Focus on what you like to do. You must avoid him totally. At this point, I recommend talk therapy. If can't afford it, go to clergy. Take care of yourself first, in whatever situation you are in. You are #1. Start thinking of yourself as #1. Love and Best Wishes.

  • Hey there, I think that this man really messed you up in a sense you feel you can't become yourself again. Like Dalia said, you are number one and you have to start with you. That means, first allow yourself to feel free, feeling a certain way will make you that way. So if you hold on to the past, you will stay in the past, hence why you bite innocent men's heads off, lol. Remember, not all men are like the last guy you were with and keep personal life at home and work at work. Hope you feel better soon. Good luck.

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  • im in the same boat. i tried to break it off with a guy. we have kids together and he uses them to hold onto me. i dont know how to stop this. i dont want to hurt my kids but i want out. do i leave them with him and turn my back or do i stay and hate everyday. i dont want my kids in court. id rather they hate me then do that

  • Dear, Dear Minerva......I have sooooo been there. It is very hard when you put your whole heart into someone thinking the feelings will be reciprocated and then your heart is torn out of your chest by someone that doesnt think twice about it. I promise you there are plenty of decent loving men out there that do not fall into that catagory. You have to realise in your heart that this guy is absolutly no good for you and try to start healing your heart. You HAVE to concentrate on yourself. Once you have started healing, you will start to see how other men around you are not all like the guy you are involved at this time. If this has been going on for a long time, it is going to take a long time to heal..........

  • Hi, now you can begin the rest of your life without feeling inadequate and stupid!! you are a good person, both inside and out. It is heartbreaking to see another person slowly break down the real person you should be. Now you are free of that - get out there and feel and show people the true you - It is a very powerful feeling!!!

  • Hi :).....I too have been in the same situation...I was with a guy for 3 years and gave him my all, without getting anything in I broke up with him. Now he says he's realized he's mistake, but it's too late....fortunately for me I have been moving on and its in my mind set that I think my secret might be. Because you see, I allowed myself to have feelings for someone else, which helped....

    But yet I can't judge you for holding back.....after going through so much heartache, only an extraordinary man is allowed to win such loving and pacient heart.

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