Do you have anything to tell me?

  • i just had the urge to make a topic for people to basically tell me WHATEVER they feel the need to tell me.

    any feelings you have or things you pick up, let me know. things like that always tend to help me out rather than cause trouble.

    passing thoughts are usually the most significant.

    anyway, anything at all.



  • also, right now my ring finger on my right (dominant) hand is swollen around the first knuckle.

    the only things i can think to blame are:

    me shuffling my large tarot cards repeatedly, or it could have something to do with the amber ring i wear literally all the time, although the area around the ring is perfectly fine.


  • Is that the finger you scroll the mouse with?

    Is it colder there than it was?

    You are getting older, learn to read your body as keenly as you read those cards.

    is that what you had in mind?

    the universe likes to play things out that are different from what you were imagining

    this is Creator's way of letting you know who runs the show

    the sense of humor is brilliant as events spill out proving


    to anyone but you

    because it's a one on one relationship or it doesn't exist to you at all

  • nope, laptop.

    it's actually getting warmer here. O:

    and thanks, that actually makes sense. my twin soul picked up palm reading which in turn made me look up fingerprint reading, and all of that has to do with the body, so, yes.

    haha, i am extremely aware of the Creator's humor. it's been on display for me for quite some time now.

  • Lightningshaman,

    this has nothing to do with your question but you could help me. Long ago ( 10 yrs maybe) I chatted with a Shaman who gave me a name, "shooting star" . What is the Indian term for it?

    Thanks a lot.


  • The Ring Finger represents Emotion & Creativity

    The third finger is associated with affections because it is the one with a direct connection to the heart. It also represents our creativity and artistic self. A wedding or engagement ring on this finger proclaims to the world that the wearer's emotions and creative goals are committed to the giver of the ring. If the ring is acquired by the wearer instead of a mate, it symbolizes self worth and a commitment to one's personal skills and talents. Wearing a ring on the ring finger of your yin hand indicates that you are creative and can use your creativity to solve problems and challenges. Wearing it on the yang or dominant hand's ring finger indicates that you are able to teach others how to be creative and bring out their best creative abilities. The ring finger has fire rulership and represents extra-personal identity. It tells of your self expression, your creativity and your love of beauty. It also represents your persona or image. Rings on this finger mean -

    Negative: Creative frustration, need to be liked, concern with image.

    Positive: Activate creativity, show friendliness, improve aesthetic awareness.

    (Recommended stones: Garnet, Ruby, Pink Tourmaline, Diamond.)

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